Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn Event Guide

This new event comes with exciting 4 Act gameplay, and free Beidou rewards

Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn is a new event that comes with the Genshin Impact 2.0 update, players can take advantage of the unique mechanics available in Inazuma to challenge various Stories for rich rewards. The highlight of this event is the free Crown of Insight, Talent Books of Inazuma, and Beidou.

How to open the Thunder Sojourn Event in Genshin Impact

To unlock the thunder sojourn event, players must complete the following conditions:

  • Adventure Rating must be above 30.
  • Players must complete the Archon Quest “Autumn Wind, Red Leaves”.
  • Complete Quest Ritou Escape Plan in “Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia”

Thunder Sojourn Event Overview

Leg I: Bolt Blitz (Opens July 22, 10:00am)

Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn Event
Act 1: Bolt Blitz (Image by Genshin Impact)

Players can summon Electrograna from the Thunder Sakura Bough and then move towards the Thunder Sphere. Using the launch icon, move towards the next Thunder Sphere until the destination is reached. Time can be added to the timer by collecting Electro Particles and by defeating enemies.

Act II: Lightning Round (Unlocks July 24, 4:00 p.m.)

This law will have a time limit challenge in which the player has to defeat the enemy within the allotted time. Charging Thunder Dwelling will enable the deployment of Thunder Shock, which will aid in battle.

Act III: Weaving Lightning (Unlocks July 27th, 4:00 PM)

Like Act II, it will also have a timer in which enemies must be defeated. Players can get buffs from Nimbus Gems by adding Electro, or by using Electrograna. These buffs will also help complete time challenges more quickly.

Chapter IV: Automaton Front (Unlocks July 30, 4:00 PM)

Players must defeat the Perpetual Mechanical Array in the Automaton Front Domain. In this Act, both Thunder Dwelling and Nimbus Gems can be used to get various buffs and deal damage to enemies.

Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn: Reward

How to get free Beidou in Thunder Sojourn

Genshin Impact Thunder Sojourn Event
Beidou (Image by Genshin Impact)

The freely available Beidou can be obtained by trading 1,000 Thunder Crystals and 1,000 Thunder Pellets. Invitations can be initiated from Oceanlord’s Oath on the event page.

Event Shop Items

Thunder Pellets and Thunder Crystals can be used to purchase various items from the event shop. As usual, the entire store inventory can be purchased, if all actions are performed in full.

Thunder Crystal Shop

Crown of Insight x1 x500
Guide to Transience x1 x20
Guide to Elegance x1 x20
Guide to Light x1 x20
Philosophies of Transience x1 x60
Philosophies of Elegance x1 x60
Philosophies of Light x1 x60
Mora x10000 x10

Thunder Pellet Shop

Agnidus Agate Fragment x1 x30
Varunada Lazurite Fragment x1 x30
Vajrada Amethyst Fragment x1 x30
Vayuda Turquoise Fragment x1 x30
Shivada Jade Fragments x1 x30
Prithiva Topaz Fragment x1 x30
Hero’s Wit x1 x10
Mystic Enhancement Ore x1 x5

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