DOTA 2 Fun Facts Part 1

1.Slark has a nightmare, which is that he is really afraid of being caught and then put in an aquarium. If you click on slark 5 times in the early game before the trumpet sounds, there’s a chance he’ll say: “my worst nightmare. It’s a dream I have. I’m in a square cell, glass walls, just me and a little castle. I’ll take Dark Reef over that any time” / “My worst nightmare, the dream that haunted me, the dream where I was in a box-shaped cage, with glass walls. It’s just me and the little castle that decorates the aquarium. I’d rather be imprisoned in the Dark Reef than locked up in an aquarium”

2. Monkey King really likes to chatter which irritates anyone who hears it. When Arcana Pudge meets Monkey King as an ingame ally, he will say: “Does it ever stop talking?” / “Does he ever stop talking?”

3. Hoodwink is really afraid of Primal Beasts, when he hears his name he immediately gets scared. If you use Hoodwink and then buy Gleipnir items, he will say: “Wait, if the Gleipnir’s here. Then he’s… I gotta go” / “Wait, if Gleipnir is here, it means he… I have to go” (He’s here means Primal Beast)

4. Techies once tried to replace the cart they were pushing with elephants, but only 1 elephant lasted long enough to replace the cart, the other elephants couldn’t last long, aka they died either because of an explosion or something.

5. Huskar hates Dazzle for thwarting Huskar’s mission, which is to die honorably and holy to join the god that Huskar worships in the Nothl realm. Dazzle thwarts Huskar’s mission by reviving Huskar with Shallow Grave (Dazzle’s skill 2)

* Dark Reef is an underwater prison where Slark was imprisoned there.

*.The item Gleipnir is used to restrain Primal Beasts

*The set of techies Named “ Pachyderm Powderwagon” features an elephant that replaces the Techies’ wagon

*Nothl’s realm can be called the unseen realm in DOTA 2

Source: Dota 2 Fandom Wiki, Steam Community, Gama (Dota 2 Indonesia facebook group)

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