So this is the Jutsu of the 3rd Hokage used to spy on Naruto since childhood

Kick Tomegane no Jutsu or Telescope Technique or Crystal Ball Technique

This unique technique belongs to the detection techniques commonly learned by sensor-type or detection-type ninja

Ninja with sensor types generally have a technique that can detect nearby enemies only from their chakra

But a higher technique is this Telescope technique (Tomegene no jutsu)

This technique is able to determine the position and monitor the person whose chakra has already been recognized by the user of this technique even though the distance is very far, how far it is depends on the skill of the user of the technique, and with the help of a crystal ball it will be monitored like CCTV.

The most famous user of this technique is Hiruzen the 3rd Hokage who he used to monitor all the citizens of his village including Naruto when he was small, even though he was able to master all elements including yin and yang, Hiruzen is a sensor type ninja

The second well-known user is Tobi alias Obito who is also a sensor type ninja and also masters the four elements and yin yang, Obito is even able to detect someone’s chakra even though he is in a different dimension thanks to his mangekyo which is able to manipulate the dimensions of space and time, but Obito only uses it to detect someone’s location not to monitor through a crystal ball

The third user is the hermit toad on Mount Myoboku, Gamamaru. He also has a crystal ball and is able to monitor someone even though his place is outside Mount Myoboku, yes, even though he is not a ninja, the plus point of being a Sage or hermit is increasing the sensitivity of the senses in the body so that detection skills increase, so it’s no wonder that as a sage’s grandfather, he has a great detection technique and can even predict 😀

The fourth user only exists in the anime, namely Guren, a crystal element user who is able to create a crystal ball to monitor someone

Yes, in Shippuden, only Obito and Gamamaru are shown to have used it, while Minato, who is also a sensor type, is not shown to have this technique, he detects enemies by sticking his hand to the ground so it seems he is not as sophisticated as Obito and Hiruzen 😀

Tobirama Senju, who is also a sensor type and is nicknamed the strongest ninja and the most successful Hokage of his time, has shown his prowess in detecting someone’s chakra even though that person is far away in another country and is even able to trace the lineage of the owner of the chakra, but in the official databook Naruto is not listed as a user of the Telescope Technique. .

Nagato, who is also a sensor type, is also able to detect long-range enemies but has not been able to detect all of Amegakure’s areas so he still uses Konan’s help to find out the exact location of the enemy, but he has the skill of installing an anti-detection protective fence from enemy detection skills and he is also able to penetrate the fence anti-enemy detection.


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