Bouya Harumichi The Original Protagonist Figure In Crows Zero (article Commemorating the death of Hiruma Miura “tatsuya Bitou”)

Rindaman vs Bouya who will win?

Haruma Miura’s death is truly unique in Indonesia, because the netizens even mentioned crowds zero 2, maybe because the film was so epic. Then why was only Crows Zero 2 successful, how come crowds zero 3 isn’t??, because crowds zero 3 are rather deviating from the original manga, Crows Zero 3 should tell Haruichi Bouya.

Please watch the video of Harumichi Bouya VS Rindaman on Game Crows PS4

It can be seen that the two of them drew so that they fainted, even Rindaman was thrown into the river. When he woke up, Rindaman talked to his best friend and acknowledged the greatness of Harumichi Bouya, Suzuran’s transfer child who was ridiculous but very strong.

Harumichi Bouya once saved Suzuran from Bandou’s motorcycle gang, the front armament, and leveled their entire organization, please watch the video below

Initially, Harumichi Bouya interfered with the Bandou gang and the front of Armamanet because they disturbed Bouya’s friends first, thus provoking Bouya’s anger.

The storyline + strong characterizations so that Crows Zero 3 is not so relatable in Indonesia, and easily forgotten, unlike Crows Zero 2, the characters Genji, Serizawa, and Tatsuya Bitou are also present in the manga + strong characterizations so that even now so remember the people in Indonesia

Hopefully the next Crows zero live action will soon be made with Hrumichi Bouya’s story as the main character of course.


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