Evos Esports Officially Fires Listy Chan Regarding His Affair Drama (update)

Jessica Jane, who is clear, is still being cheated on, the world of esports in Indonesia is in a state of commotion, because Jessica Jane, the younger sister of Jess No Limit, who is also a YouTuber, is in trouble, Jessica Jane is cheated on by her best friend, listypokemon, now this listypokemon is one of the esports athletes in Evos Esports.


As a result of this shocking news, Evos Esports finally decided to terminate, aka fire Listy from one of the athletes from the Mobile Legend division. According to Jessica Jane, this affair drama was the result of Listy often staying at Ericko’s house so that the seeds of love might grow, many Ericko fans who was finally disappointed and chose to unsub ericko’s youtube channel and unfollow his instagram.

evos fires listy

But from the amount of support for Evos regarding the dismissal of Listy from the Mobile Legend Ladies division, there is one Evos player who is a little surprised by Evos esports’ big decision, namely Donkey.

Jessica Jane herself has come to terms with her relationship breaking up with Ericko Lim, and even Jessica made an Insta story that Ericko and Listy match because they have the same tattoos.

Until now, Jess has no limit, as an older brother, has not commented on what happened to his sister, because it was known that Jess was one of the first to give his sister’s blessing to date Erikontoru.

Hopefully this problem will soon pass and the dramas in the world of esports won’t happen again, if the drama is positive it’s okay, the problem is that Indonesian esports is growing, I’m afraid that later there will be a lot of people looking down on the world of esports


Jessica Jane is a Youtuber who has around 3 million subs and is also a sister of Jess No Limit. I know Jessica from the content of her sister who invited her to play PUBG, this is where people started to know Jessica Jane. Erick and Jessica have been dating for about 1 year. While they were dating for several months, Erick was caught in a drug case which resulted in him having to be in prison for approximately 9 months. When Erick was in prison, Jessica always visited and brought Erick food. Very patient and loyal, isn’t Jessica willing to wait and accept her boyfriend who is caught in a drug case.

Erick was released from prison in March when the pandemic began to spread to Indonesia and regulations began to exist social distancing. Jessica and Erick had met Erick several times in the midst of a pandemic, but lately Jessica has been unable to leave the house because she strictly complies with the government’s rules for just stay at home It can be seen from Erick’s content that shows them meeting but Erick is outside and Jessica is inside.

After a few days of uploading the video, Ericko’s Instagram was seen unfollowing and blocking Jessica’s Instagram. The fans thought what happened to Erick and Jessica did they break up? Jessica and Erick’s Instagram also no longer posts photos of the two of them.

Yesterday afternoon on July 15th, Jessica clarified that the two of them were no longer in a relationship. Jessica made several ig stories about breaking up with Erick, to be honest, I was very surprised by this news because I had followed them from the start when they were dating and also said they wanted to continue at a more serious level. (Marry). But what happened this is not allowing them to reunite. Erick said that they had agreed to make the decision to separate.

This is a clarification from Jessica and wow, I was very surprised when I read “sleeping together in 1 room”. And Erick still has time to invite him back? Really impudent indeed!

And this is proof from Jessica that they are not just Friend. From the photo, Erick kissed Listy’s forehead.

According to my analysis, Erick has asked permission if Listy wants to stay at Erick’s house and Jessica allows it, and something unexpected happens. I really didn’t expect Erick to be like this.

Even though Erick’s appearance changed a lot to be neat and his content was even more polite when dating Jessica and now I don’t know what will happen to Erick 😭

I can’t imagine how hurt Jessica is, the feeling of deep disappointment, the feeling of deep love being betrayed and loyalty being betrayed too. Hopefully Jessica Jane gets a better replacement than Ericko Lim.

I also actually feel disappointed about this incident, I feel sad for what Erick did, did he not realize what Jessica had done. To be honest, I really don’t like Listy. Just from the photo, we can see that she’s not a good woman.

For the incident that happened, Chanel Youtube Ericko Lim lost 100k subs in 24 hours


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