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Crysis Enhanced Edition features better water effects and richer particles. The team also added live sky lighting and fog effects to enhance the game’s visuals. Not only that, but it has improved lighting for all interior areas.

Additionally, Crysis Enhanced Edition features screen-space reflections for water, grass shadows, and enhanced materials simulation. It also has Cloud Shadow, real-time Ocean Reflection, and an improved Edge AA. Lastly, added a Lens flare and raindrops on the water when it rains.
Unfortunately, the team hasn’t released 4K / 8K textures yet. Instead, the public version of Crysis Enhanced Edition uses textures from mods Rygels Textures, HD Grass, Maximum Immersion Textures, and enhanced (4x) Vanilla textures. The team is, once again, putting their own high-quality textures to fundraising on Patreon, so because of that yeah, hmmm.

Ironically, all of the graphical improvements mentioned above are what Crytek is showing for the upcoming official Crysis Remaster. The shade of the grass? Inspect. Screen-space reflection? Inspect. Better lighting? Not only that, but Crysis Enhanced Edition can – and most likely will – look even better than Crysis Remaster thanks to its new, high-quality textures. As we pointed out, the textures of Crysis Remaster are similar to those of the original. So unless Crytek and Saber put more effort into it, this free mod should look better than the paid version of Crysis Remaster.

Note that Crysis Enhanced Edition is around 10GB in size. So, make sure you have enough space on your HDD before downloading and installing it, quotas are expensive, hehe.
You can download Crysis Enhanced Edition from here!


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