Tutorial on How to Download and Register for the Latest Advanced Free Fire Server July 2023

Registration for Free Fire Advance Server has been open since 10 July 2023. Players can only register until July 19 to register and can log in using your personal Facebook account or your friends.

July 10-19 2023 is the date for registration, while the opening of the advanced server itself has not been announced. Usually, after the target registration for the first batch is closed, the server will be opened so those of you who have registered and have been selected can immediately try the advanced server.

Tutorial on how to download Free Fire Advance Server:

  • If you get a message while in game, go to https://advance.ff.garena.com/id immediately.
  • swipe down, and click the log-in via Facebook button.
  • Enter your or your friend’s Facebook username and password
  • If successful, you will see a download app button that appears
  • press the download apps button and wait for the download process to finish.
  • Install the application as usual.

The Free Fire Advance Server is a special server that is used for players to try features and characters that have not yet appeared on the normal server. If you are selected to enter the advanced server, your job is to report bugs that occur on the advanced server due to newly released features or hero skills. which draws so that later when it is released on a normal server the features and characters don’t become imbalanced.

only 50,000 players can register and enter the Free Fire Advance Server. But those 50,000 players can’t enter together right away, the server can crash. Free Fire Advance Server currently can only accommodate up to 5,000 players. That is, if your connection is bad and your cellphone is a potato, it’s better not to try to enter the advanced server, it’s useless I think.

Selected players are later required to help report problems and bugs found on the Free Fire advanced server and provide input for features that might be released, explained Garena, as quoted on Tuesday (14/7/2023).

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