Microsoft Accidentally “leaked” Pes 2023 DLC Plans

According to the description, eFootball PES 2023 Season Update is the latest edition of eFootball PES 2023 which was launched in September 2023. This update will contain the latest player data and club rosters.

The eFootball PES 2023 Season Update features the same award-winning gameplay as last year’s eFootball PES 2023. It will also be accompanied by various team and player updates for the new season. In addition, PES 2023 will have a UEFA EURO 2023 mode.

Following are the main features of eFootball PES 2023:

  • The Biggest Clubs Play with the biggest teams in world football; including German champions FC Bayern München, Spanish champions FC Barcelona, ​​global giants Manchester United and exclusive PES partner Juventus!
  • myClub Create your own dream team from scratch and face off against human enemies from around the world.
  • Matchday Compete in online PvP events themed after real football rivalries and other big matches.
  • Master League Take charge of a football club and lead them to the top in this exciting single player mode.

So yeah, I don’t know if this is good or bad news for PC gamers. In a way, it’s an update from Konami that will most likely cost more. Seriously, I would be very surprised if Konami offered this 2023 Update for free. On the other hand, there will be at least next gen equivalent quality between all versions of PES eFootball. Thus, PC gamers won’t be left behind (we’re looking at you FIFA 21 and NBA 2K21).

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