Zoid Wild Blast Unleashed Releases To Western Market This Year

Outright Games will release Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed for Switch in western markets on October 16, the publisher has announced.

Developed by Eighting, Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed first launched for the Switch market in Japan as Zoids Wild: King of Blast in February 2023. Meanwhile, Western release was handled by Codeglue.

“We are thrilled to be a part of development Zoids, bringing the latest iteration of the legendary Zoids franchise to the west,” said Outright Games CEO Terry Malham in a press release. “This is an intergenerational brand that resonates with kids and adults alike, and we can’t wait for everyone to jump into the action and play together later this year.”

The following is a synopsis of the game Zoids Wild:Blast Unleashed, via Outright Games:


Unleash the wild mecha powers and beast instincts of the Zoids, in spectacular head-to-head combat on Nintendo Switch. With stunning graphics reminiscent of the anime Zoids Wild, and an intuitive 3D combat system that lets you instinctively create amazing combo chains, Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed is the ultimate showdown between your favorite pilots and their Zoids!

But are Zoids just weapons, or your partners? Your skill in battle will decide who wins between warring factions including Team Freedom Arashi and the power-hungry Team Dark Metal, in the new Zoids story. So choose your hero, step onto the battlefield, and fight to awaken the greatest bond between humanity and Zoid – then use the hidden power known as Wild Blast to defeat your enemies!

With a wide selection of characters, Zoids, and game modes, Zoids Wild: Blast Unleashed takes mecha combat to the next level. Set scores in two-player battles, challenge yourself in Mission Mode and Battle Tactics Mode, and hone your skills in Practice Mode. Are you ready to command the world’s strongest living being?

Main feature

  • Go Head-to-Head – Compete in one-on-one mecha battles with stunning 3D combat.
  • Enter the Zoids Universe – Play as a massive cast of visually faithful Zoids characters.
  • New Story – Join the war between factions and discover new Zoids sub-species.
  • Two Player Action – Test your skills against other players.
  • Simple Controls – Easily maneuver moves and destroy your opponent with your Final Blast.

Please watch the trailer for Zoids WIld:Blast Unleashed below:

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