Konami Loses Inter Milan and Ac Milan Licenses, How will PES 2023 be??

Konami today confirmed that they will lose their official licenses from Italian clubs AC Milan & Inter Milan after deciding not to renew their contracts with the two clubs. While PES players weren’t all that happy about the news, with Konami not getting licenses from big European clubs, this is sure to get more criticism from players. Well, let’s see how things will affect the gameplay of matches in PES after Konami lost the license from partner clubs AC Milan and Inter Milan.

How will things be affected in game?

Previously due to the termination of the license contract, players from AC Milan and Intermilan were removed from the game, also Konami lost the right to use the club name in the game. For example, Liverpool was named Liverpool R after Konami’s current contract with EPL Champions was terminated back in 2023. Also, a few days ago, several Borussia Dortmund players including captain Marco Reus were kicked out of PES due to licensing issues.

Will AC Milan & Inter Milan have different names in PES 2023?

Konami stated in their notice that club representation will not be affected in the game, which may mean that AC Milan & Inter Milan’s club names will still not be changed in the next version of PES. Konami will still hold the naming rights to the Milan club thanks to their exclusive partnership with Serie A. The reason behind this termination of the contract may be that Konami is getting ready to sign a partnership with other European Giants to acquire their license, as they did last year. with Manchester United, Bayern Munich & Juventus. However, if that happens, Konami will surely send a strong message to the players as well as their rival EA Sports.

What will happen to AC Milan & Inter Milan players & Legends?

In eFootball PES 2023, Liverpool legends such as M.Owen & S.Gerrard were removed after Konami lost his Liverpool license. Both Milan clubs AC Milan & Inter Milan have many popular legends in the game, with players like P.Maldini, R.Gullit, F.Inzaghi, F.Baresi from AC Milan & Adriano, J. Zanetti, E.Cambiasso, F .Toldo from Inter Milan. There are also other legends, Iconic Moments and featured players from these two clubs previously released via in-game packs.

Konami has stated that players can rest assured that the termination of this license contract with AC Milan & Inter Milan will not affect MyClub players. If you have players from these two clubs, they will still be available in the game like normal players. So that’s good news for all PES players who have AC Milan & Inter Milan players & legends.

Regarding future PES announcements

Konami hasn’t revealed anything about terminating licensing contracts with other clubs but there are hints that more news is coming in the near future. They have asked the players to wait until further announcements are made. Koami says that both Milan clubs have been strong supporters of the PES eFootball series. They also wish the clubs the best for the future. They are optimistic for future associations with other clubs as well.

We hope that Konami will acquire the licenses of other big clubs around the world after they lost the licenses of two big Italian clubs AC Milan & Inter Milan. With that said, we’re looking forward to PES 2023.

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