Panzer Paladin 8-Bit Action Platformer Game Ready to Release on Switch and PC

Technology against the occult

The action platformer game with 8-bit graphics, Panzer Paladin will launch for Switch via Nintendo eShop and PC via Steam on July 21, developer Tribute Games announced.

The following is a synopsis, gameplay, and game features, as reported by its Steam page:


Seeing the gigantic blade blazing through the night sky might make hair stand up, but hold on! The sinister Ravenous and his army of brutal demons are ready for battle. Not even all the armies in the world can stop them, but humanity has one last army left: an advanced armor called the Paladin.

Now it’s up to a strong-willed android named Flame to become the Squire, take control of the Paladin and track down all the Weapon Keepers and their evil leader. The showdown between humanity’s highest technological prowess and the powers of the occult has begun!

Seize weapons from Netherworld denizens and taste their own medicine! Show them the power of cutting-edge technology combined with swordsmanship. Slash, Punch, and blast your way through enemies through a series of breathtaking levels across the world, all rendered in incredible 8-bit graphics! Hop on your Panzer Paladin and take up arms!

Main feature

  • Exciting action platformer with fun and intuitive swordplay!
  • Take control of the mighty Paladin’s power armor or take it out and play as a small but fast Squire pilot!
  • Robot meets devil! Destroy the occult forces with the power of cutting-edge technology!
  • Over 100 melee weapons to snatch from enemies!
  • Use as many weapons as you want: hold them, throw them or destroy them!
  • Grab a weapon in half to cast powerful spells!
  • Slash, punch and blast your way through 17 stunning levels around the world!
  • Carefully crafted 8-bit graphics just as you remember them!


Panzer Paladin is an action-platformer game featuring intuitive swordplay mechanics. The protagonist pilots a power armor called Paladin, to fight giant demons using the weapons you have.

Key components of the swordplay mechanics include the ability to equip and use any weapon dropped by a defeated foe, high opponent low attack and blocking, a rock-paper-scissors type weapon system that grants attack bonuses, and the ability to cast spells by destroying the weapon. . Weapons abound in the levels, so players are encouraged to use them as much as possible. Paladins are the primary means of fighting enemies but players can take out and also play as a faster, smaller pilot called a Squire. The Squire uses his laser whip to attack enemies, swing across gaps, and recharge the Paladin’s energy.

Panzer Paladin lets the player choose the order in which to complete the first 10 levels of the game. The last 6 levels must be played linearly.


Gigantic weapons—swords, spears, hammers—origin from the dark depths of space, blazing across the sky and piercing historic locations around the world. Like the declaration of war against humanity, the Parthenon, atop the Acropolis of Athens, must first be cut by an ominous knife. Upon impact, each weapon opened a rift in the fabric of reality and unleashed colossal legions of demons.

To anticipate such unforeseen Earth-threatening events, the International Security Council has created the Gauntlet, a science committee that develops highly advanced defense technologies. Gauntlet discovers that Netherworld residents can only be wiped out with their own weapons. Spirit Weapons were forged with the spirits of the dead and humans couldn’t mess with them without becoming corrupted by their rotten power… However, a machine would be immune to demon attacks! The Gauntlet reactivates Flame, a former member of the rescue operation androidto become a Squire and take control of the last remaining Paladin unit, an advanced power armor capable of wielding Spirit Weapons.

For guns! Overseeing their operations from aboard Avalon, their flying base, Gauntlet at the ready. The showdown between humanity’s highest technological prowess and the powerful powers of the occult has begun! It’s up to Squire Flame and his Paladin named Grit to defeat all of the Weapon Keepers, and finally come face to face with Ravenous, the sinister leader of the invasion.

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