Dragon Marked For Death Will Release On Playstation 4

Inti Creates will release the PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Marked for Death on July 22, 2023, as announced by the company.

Dragon Marked for Death first launched for Switch in January 2023, followed by PC via Steam in April 2023.

Here is a synopsis of Dragon Marked For Death, via its Steam page:

Dragon Marked For Death is a 2D side scrolling action RPG that can be played solo or with up to four players in online multiplayer.

You play as a survivor of the Dragonblood Clan who sets out to seek revenge on the Medius Kingdom, who destroyed your kin’s home and then captured the Dragonblood Oracle, Amica. To get the power you need to take revenge on the madius kingdom that made a pact with Astral Dragon Atruum.

Use your newly acquired powers to take on quests from villagers and increase your status in the kingdom. The process of your quest in the game can have a direct effect on the final outcome of the game.

Quests are not about defeating enemies. You’ll protect the ship’s passengers from monsters, search for treasure, save a princess from a besieged castle, and much more!

Choose from four playable characters (Empress, Warrior, Shinobi or Witch) and defeat your enemies to gain experience and level up. You will receive points as you level up which can increase your attack power, defense, agility and other parameters. Customize your character in the way that best suits your individual play style!

Get ready to experience the unique dark fantasy world of Clan Dragonblood in this intense 2D action RPG!

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