Waifu Uncovered Shoot Shots With Your Choice of Waifu on Nintendo Switch

Publisher Eastasiasoft and developer One-Hand-Free Studios will release their Waifu Uncovered shoot for Switch via the Nintendo eShop on July 16, the companies announced. Pre-loading will begin on July 9.

Waifu Uncovered first launched for PC via Steam on April 10.

Here’s an overview of the game, via Eastasiasoft:


Eight beautiful girls under threat of foreign attack. Their lives and the fate of the world are now in your hands. This simple shooting gameplay has several unique features, with different types of planes, each balanced with a different playability, and destroy clothes that have been infected by a deadly virus. Avoid and destroy enemies as they feverishly work against you, join multiplayer battles, save the waifu of your dreams and maybe even unlock other new modes.

Main feature

  • Choose eight female characters presented in high quality hand drawn style.
  • Abandon your targets to save them from a deadly infection!
  • Choose from a variety of ships focused on speed, power or add-ons.
  • Defeat unique enemies and bosses for each stage.
  • Play solo or team up with friends for cooperative action.
  • Unlock new content that unlocks as you win the game!

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