Monster Rancher 2 Released To Switch, Android And Ios

Koei Tecmo will be releasing a game port of Monster Rancher 2, Monster Rancher 2’s monster upgrade simulation game featuring new elements and improvements for Switch, iOS, and Android this fall in Japan, which has been announced by the Tecmo company.

Monster Rancher 2, featuring over 400 monsters, first launched for the PlayStation in February 1999.

Monster Rancher 2 is a game adaptation of the Anime, a monster simulation themed game, here we are required to train several monsters to fight in tournaments.

Monster Rancher 2 has a unique feature that doesn’t exist in other games, that is, we can get monsters from the Playstation 1 game CD that we have, each CD can later produce monsters that are different, different, and even rare.

Monster Rancher 2 is a new port, will it still carry this feature CD later, I hope so, but if so, how do you go about porting it on Android and iOS later?? fight between the monsters that we have.

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