Shadow Warrior 3 Ready to Release on PC in 2023 Via Steam

Publisher Devolver Digital and developer Flying Wild Hog have announced Shadow Warrior 3 for PC (Steam), which will launch in 2023.

The first gameplay footage will be revealed during the “Devolver Direct” broadcast on July 11 at 12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET, which you can watch on Twitch.

“We are excited to bring Shadow Warrior fans a completely fresh experience, and we can’t wait to show off the new features we have in store for them. We wanted to make sure that the Fast SHooter gameplay, the cool melee combat, and the spectacular free movement, will get the adrenaline and senses pumping in players going forward,” said Cuban game director Opon in a press release.

Opon continued, “But we have never forgotten the roots of Flying Wild Hog and we hope Shadow Warrior 3 will feel like a homecoming for fans who have been with us since the beginning. And we can’t wait to introduce new players to Lo Wang, our savvy hero with a tongue as sharp as his katana. Shadow Warrior 3 will see him take on a threat so big it might even be too big for him to handle.”

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


Fallen corporate shogun Lo Wang and his former master turned enemies, his sidekick, Orochi Zilla, embark on an impossible mission to reclaim an ancient dragon they reluctantly released from their eternal prison. Armed with a punishing mix of swords and bullets, Lo Wang must traverse uncharted parts of the world to track down the black beast and push the apocalypse back. All it takes is a mask of a dead god, a dragon egg, a touch of magic and enough firepower to withstand the impending disaster.

Main feature

  • Bring the Katana into the gunfight – Perform a symphony of death with every encounter by mixing awesome firepower with highly precise katana strikes as you dash in and around hordes of demons.
  • Fancy Footwork – A flux between agile movement techniques including aerial dash, wall dash, double jump, and the cool new hook grapple mode, making your battle style and movement choices even greater in every battle.
  • Execute Then Annihilate – Perform spectacular finishing moves to finish off the part of your defeated foe and unleash its power back on the rest of the mob in an unstoppable burst of rage and powerful magic.
  • Dynamic Combat Arena – Each environment is layered with dangerous structures and devices that can be activated to add another layer of creative choices to offensive strategy.
  • Neo Feudal Japan – Travel across a mystical land of Asia filled with magic and technology of the ancient samurai, now ruled by demonic yokai from Japanese folklore.
  • Funny Business – Brace for Lo Wang’s expert delivery of one-liners, pointed banter with Zilla, and the intense suspense of senseless adversity on the way to turning doomsday into a new one.

Please watch the clip from Vroh

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