Barbarian Boy Intends To Bomb Konami’s Office As A Result Of Not Accepting Losing While Playing PES

News that doesn’t make sense comes from Japan, as a result of being hit by a bug while playing PES 2023 a student from a Japanese high school threatens to bomb the office of the PES game maker, namely KONAMI, but the plan is unlucky Good The evil failed and the barbarian student was finally arrested by the Tokyo police. As the developer of the PES eSports game, Konami became a little worried and took the threat seriously. reported from the Nintendo Life page, the boy whose name was withheld admitted that the threat was based on his being annoyed with the bug problem he experienced while playing PES Mobile which made him lose. The 16-year-old boy also sent the bomb threat through a review on the app store on 16-18 June 2023, which read, “I will blow up the Konami office, I will kill the people who work there.” Not only that, the suspect also wrote that perhaps the threat of terrorism would also occur in Japan. This also made Konami tighten security and immediately respond to these threats. Konami is not the only video game company that has received this frightening threat. Previously, a similar problem also befell Bandai Namco. The company, which is a developer of games such as Dragon Ball Z and Dark Souls, was threatened that its office located in California would be bombed, which caused panic and the evacuation of employees in August 2023, although this threat was not realized.

For the EA Developer, the creator of the Fifa Esport game, be careful, who knows one day this threat will come to your office, if the bugs in FIFA are not resolved immediately, well, actually it’s not just football games, there are many games that have entered the realm of esports a lot loopholes and bugs that are used by a handful of people to win the cheating player, thereby angering players who play “cleanly”. .

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