The Latest Hyper Scape Battle royale From Ubisoft

Ubisoft has announced Hyper Scape, a fast-paced first-person shooter urban royale developed by Ubisoft Montreal for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Hyper Scape is currently available in beta test for PC for a limited time in a number of regions across North America and Europe. Users can gain access by watching on any of the content creators currently streaming Hyper Scape on Twitch with Twitch Drops enabled. A technical test is currently underway for the three-player squad “Crown Rush” mode, and will add a limited-time “Dark Haze” solo mode at a later date. Hyper Scape will also feature a free 10-tier battle pass, and all progress and items will carry over through future live phases and towards full launch.

The following is a synopsis of this game, reported by Ubisoft:


Hyper Scape is a free-to-play futuristic urban battle royale where up to 100 players engage in close-quarters, first-person shooters with fast-paced gameplay.

Hyper Scape was designed from the ground up as an intense, vertical, and fast-paced combat experience. Squads of three and solo players can dive into the futuristic virtual city of Neo-Arcadia to engage in dynamic combat, quickly transitioning from narrow streets to open rooftops and deadly interiors.

Hyper Scape introduces Hacks, abilities that players can loot around the world in the same way they craft weapons. Hacks provide both offensive and defensive capabilities to suit all play styles. Laying mines, searching for enemies, protecting a squad with massive walls or turning invisible to sneak up on opponents are just a few examples of player Hacks that can be easily combined and swapped. All Hacks and weapons can be upgraded via Fusion mechanics to produce even more powerful iterations of pre-existing items.

Hyper Scape innovates and twists the battle royale formula in many ways, such as the unpredictable Decay which dissolves the Neo-Arcadia map into different patterns, or the unique Echo mechanic which keeps players active in battle even when they are down. At the end of a Hyper Scape match, the climate showdown phase begins when the Hyper Scape crown appears on the map. Players have two different ways to claim victory, either by picking up and carrying the crown for 45 seconds or by being the last player or squad standing.

Hyper Scape is fun to play and fun to watch. Developed in partnership with Twitch, Crowncast Twitch’s Hyper Scape extension will entertain viewers by letting them influence the game in real time, creating unprecedented interaction between streamers and their fans. Viewers will also have a real-time impact on combat by selecting events that affect all competitors in a match, such as low gravity or unlimited ammo.

Main feature

  • Urban Battle Royale – Fight your way through 7 unique districts of Neo Arcadia, virtual cities featuring impressive landmarks that take verticality to the next level. From skyscrapers to open plazas, from streets to rooftops, Neo Arcadia will encourage you to constantly adapt to your surroundings.
  • Close-Quarters City Combat – Hyper Scape is a new and intense First Person multiplayer game that lets you define your play style to dominate the battlefield. Dive into thrilling, vertical matches, where you jump from street to rooftop wielding unique weapons and unleashing powerful Hacks that bend the rules to your advantage.
  • A Fresh Take on Battle Royale – Learn to dodge the Blights that further narrow the Neo Arcadia district in various patterns with each match. Maximize the Effects of Cards played by the AI ​​Game Master during matches, changing the game quickly for all competitors. If you are skilled enough to get to the last remaining player, you will enter the Showdown where you can choose your path to victory: will you eliminate all opposition or choose a more tactical approach and choose the Crown? Intense, surprising and spectacular, Hyper Scape takes Battle Royale to a new level.
  • A Forever Evolving Game – Map changes, a stream of new customization options, thrilling gameplay opportunities… Get ready for an ever-evolving experience following your favorite 2054 Participants on their quest to unravel the mysteries and secrets of Hyper Scape.

Please watch the trailer below

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