Final Fantasy Crisis Core Unofficial Remastered Version Made by Redditors

Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core is a game that should have been released on modern platforms. And while Square Enix has no plans to release a remaster of FF 7 Crisis Core anytime soon, PC gamers can already enjoy the (unofficial) remastered version, via an emulator. Additionally, Reddit members hugeladyplzr have released HD Texture Packs with AI also for this game.

hugeladyplzr has used the Topaz Gigapixel AI neural network to improve the texture quality of the game. The end result is excellent and thanks to the higher internal resolution PC gamers can enjoy the unofficial Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core Remaster.

To showcase the improved textures, the modder released the following screenshots. As you can see, Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core can now look great.

You can download this AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core on our reddit thread site hugeladyplzr. This texture pack is designed for the PPSSPP emulator using the US version of the disc image for Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. For Windows, install the package to \Users [nama pengguna Anda] \Documents\PPSSPP\PSP\TEXTURES\ULUS10336. You must then enable texture replacement in PPSSPP to load the textures.

Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core Alone is a prequel game from Final Fantasy 7, where Cloud is still a lowly soldier and meets Zack, the main character of Crisis Core.

Indeed Crisis Core should have also been released on the Playstation 2 platform considering that PS2 was a very successful console in its time, instead of releasing it on the PS2 console, Square Enix made Crisis Core exclusive on the Playstation portable (PSP), so many gamers regretted this, because not many players at that time bought a portable playstation.

The storyline is so good but it’s a shame it can only be played on the PSP, fortunately now the PSP can also be played on a PC, so there are modders hugeladyplzr,who was finally able to make the remated version illegal

Final Fantasy Crisis Core itself opens up a number of things that make you confused in Final Fantasy 7, so the remastered version is a must.

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