Garuda league Tournament Esports With Relegation system

Garuda League is the first national-scale long-term esports competition in Indonesia with a system of promotion (caste promotion) and relegation from 3 divisions, namely Garuda 1, Garuda 2 and Garuda 3. There are matches every day which are broadcast live via Youtube. For June 2023 registration has been open since May 18 2023 yesterday and will start the matches from June 1 to 30 2023. After success with the tourney in the previous month with more than 3,000 registered teams, Garuda League is now adding to the range of game types that will be contested, The 4 games selected in June are Dota 2, PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Free Fire. Later there will be 13,000+ players participating, this tournament invites all teams across Indonesia to take part, registration is free of charge with a prize pool of more than IDR 8,000,000.00 plus awards and merchandise that will be awarded to the team that tops the standings at the end month. For those who want to register, see the standings or want to find out more information, you can go to the official website at Sponsored by IESCE (Indonesia Esports Contest Event) with the basic intention of making the domestic esports ecosystem more alive and fulfilling the enthusiasm of esports activists in the Motherland. born in 2023, IESCE is an esports competition organizer that consistently makes tournaments from various games, visit to see all the tournaments that have been held before and their match results.

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