The reason for the Zoom application is prohibited from being used for confidential matters


ZOOM uses AES-128 key encryption that is used in ECB mode by all participants to encrypt and decrypt audio and video. Use of this ECB is not recommended.

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Not only that, another problem is that zoom is an application owned by an American company, but with an IT team from China.

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so for every video call that is used, the call flow will be like this.

Citizenlab also revealed that one of the results of its investigation was that there were several security holes in Zoom’s Waiting Room feature. However, it was not explained what the security problems were due to, for fear of being misused.

Why is China a problem? Due to privacy issues! Yes, the Key Server is in Beijing China, but Citizenlab is testing in North America. Isn’t that a bit strange? Meanwhile, we ourselves do not know whether the Key Server is really stored safely on the server in China.

So Citizenlab assumes that

Zoom is not secure for anything confidential. For example, state meetings, military meetings, company data that must be confidential and so on. Because, it’s as if Zoom said it’s okay “the important thing is to go first” because the security that Zoom does is not in accordance with the standard used by the industry.

However, if Zoom is used for backbiting, chatting with friends and other things. That’s not a problem.

So what are the problems that Zoom has caused?

Lately, Zoom has repaired its system on MacOS which was attacked by malware, then also patched loopholes in Windows and improved integration with platforms LinkedIn because Zoom exposes LinkedIn user profiles.

Even the latest news is the leak of Zoom application data uploaded on the AWS server. Because Zoom forgets to give a password in every conversation we have on the system cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS). That’s what allows anyone to find v footageideo conference via search search engines (terrified too huh).

Reported by Hackernews, Zoom Troling appears, that’s why Zoom starts activating waiting list room (even though there is a problem here). The emergence of a generate app to find a Zoom ID that doesn’t have a password so that people can easily go in and out when you’re serious about making fun video calls (yes, without a password).

In conclusion

In a way, Zoom is a product that thinks of going first. The important thing is that many people use it first, then when someone corrects it, they become more mature. Evidenced by the many criticisms and input. Zoom is improving and even improving its security issues and starting to close security gaps in Zoom.

Many companies such as SpaceX, Google, and the US Government are understandable for banning the use of Zoom (not because they are jealous, say the boss). Google has Google Hangout. So why do you have to be jealous of Zoom, people already have similar applications that are safer to use, the US Government is especially very concern on privacy concerns and there are tensions with China. Yes, I can justify that.

So, can we use Zoom? Yes, I myself while socializing using Zoom. Even the last community also uses Zoom. Zoom itself is also committed for 90 days (1 April 2023) committed to fully working on all issues of privacy, security and so on.

My opinion and opinion on the news should be clear. There is politics, of course, in technology news. Moreover, China – America, this rivalry in the world of technology is well known. However, netizens must know that everything that is free will require “our data” to be used as the price we have to pay. After all, Zoom has also tried to improve its application. As long as we don’t have sensitive data, use Zoom. However, not if for office purposes.

Don’t forget, that every application has loopholes, so understand the Privacy Policy, the reviews and if you don’t understand IT, ask your IT friends or ask in the Technology Workers’ Union Room which will definitely answer your questions. and the most important thing is to use trusted sources in every news you get.

maybe if there is time Mimin will make an article about recommended applications other than zoom which of course is safe to use.

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