Game developer “A Way Out” made a new Local Coop game called It takes Two

Does anyone miss the local coop game?? In recent years there have been many games that have prioritized multiplayer games but are online based, so sometimes it’s like we miss playing 2 players but offline, even Mimin misses playing with friends when arguing, how do you do that? complete the mission or kill the boss!, even baskara (hindia) once included lyrics about this, where is the point of having a ps4 and nintendo switch if you only play alone lol.

This time there is good news coming from the publishers of electronic arts and also hazelight where they also developed the game A Way Out, an offline 2 player game where you have to help each other when you are about to get out of prison. This time they will collaborate to make an offline 2 player platformer game titled IT TAKES TWO which will be released for playstation 4, xbox one and also PC

It Takes Two is a crazy beautiful world, you can’t imagine how crazy that world is,” said the writer and director it takes two, Joseph Fares in a question and answer session. “The Hazelight team can’t wait to see gamers react to the magic of our new offline co-op gameplay, which gamers probably won’t see in any other platformer game.”

The following is a synopsis of the game IT takes Twovia the official site:

Something different


Bring your friends to work together and play together with May and Cody. When the couple was going through a divorce, through ways they didn’t even know their minds were transported into the two dolls their daughter had made, rose. Now May and Cody must somehow find a way to return to their bodies, a quest that takes them on the wildest, most unpredictable and fantastical journey imaginable.

It takes Two more titles on studio Hazelight’s proven track record of producing a rich and engaging co-op experience. When developing It Takes Two, it was the team’s number one priority to really mix story and gameplay. Allowing the two to influence each other, guarantees games that are both interesting to play and exciting to experience. Expect to see more surprises from IT TAKES TWO later this year!


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