Evos esports opens opportunities for gamers to join as professional esports players this year.

The job of a professional esports player is a job that many millennials dream of lately, how can we not play games and earn money.

Currently, esports is a way to make money quickly, but it must be balanced with the skills you have

The enthusiasm of professional esports players competing in big tournaments, having lots of money and having lots of fans, is of course the goal of today’s gamers.

Seeing how fast the development of esports in Indonesia is, Lazada as an e-commerce company in Indonesia is also interested in this esports business.

Lazada also wants to take part in the development of esports in Indonesia by collaborating with the Evos Esports team to open the first talent search audition event in Indonesia.

As a result of this collaboration, Evos Esports will open auditions to become Mobile Legends and Free Fire players.

Quoted from Games.grid, to audition for the Lazada Evos Pro Player Hunt, you can buy tickets on the Lazada platform starting June 22, 2023.

Lazada will also provide 1,000 tickets consisting of 500 tickets for the Mobile Legends audition and 500 tickets for the free fire audition.


Furthermore, audition participants will be selected and there will be two winners from each division.

1 person joined Evos Legend in the Mobile Legend division and 1 person joined Evos Capital for the Free Fire division.

But even if you manage to become the champion in the event, you have to undergo a trial for approximately 1 month first, to find out your skills and performance you will be quarantined at the Evos base camp.

Quarantine will be carried out before you are officially recruited as a pro player on the Evos Esport team, be it in the Mobile Legend division or the Free Fire division.

interested right? To find out what the audition mechanism is like, you can take part in the Webinar held by Gridgames with Lazada Evos on Saturday, June 20 2023.

You also have the opportunity to get a lazada voucher worth IDR 1 million for one audience with the best questions.

It doesn’t stop there, the webinar will hold Mobile Legend fun games with Jonathan Liandi, the Evos brand ambassador who won MPV and won cash worth Rp. 1 million rupiah.

To take part in the webinar, you can follow it by clicking here.

This article is an adaptation of gamesgrid.com

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