Doctor Evelyn A new character in Free Fire that has just been released on the Advanced Server

The detective character Evelyn Free Fire has just appeared even though it was just released on the advanced server.

This character is a refinement of the previous free fire character The Criminol*gist and was remade under the name Evelyn and added some cool new abilities. But if you play it on a normal server, chances are you won’t see this new character, because Evelyn can only be used on an advanced server. the appearance of the character Detective Evelyn herself is like a successful person, aka wealthy, who is in her tens, and her style is similar to that of a European. This Detective Evelyn character has many abilities and strengths, such as the Conveting Gold ability which shows the enemy bending or lying down within a range of 30 meters for five seconds at level 1. As each level increases (apart from Level 4), time will run dynamically and increase by 0, 5 seconds and 5 meters will be added to the players’ limits. Whereas at the point when it is above level four, it will share enemy area data with 1 teammate, its ability cooldown is 50 seconds for each time it is used.


In addition, if you often complain that free fire feels slow after the latest update, you can do a number of things, such as freeing up some storage in other applications, deleting applications that are no longer in use, and don’t forget to install external memory. Using these methods will make it easier for you Free Fire players to more easily play in maximum gadget conditions without any other disturbances.

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