Lost Saga remastered Release, what’s the difference with Lost Saga Gamescool

It’s only been a few days since we’ve been saddened by the closure of our beloved game Lost Saga Indonesia, now there’s an announcement about the opening of the game Lost Saga Remastered, which is likely to be a Lost Saga game with even better graphics added.

Is this a prank by the international lost saga who want the lost saga gamescool players to move to all lost saga remastered, because lost saga remastered is no longer held by gamescool but is already in the hands of gravity game link

then what is the difference between the normal lost saga and the remastered lost saga

1. Mastery System: namely where we can choose special talents belonging to certain heroes that can strengthen these heroes

2. Rune System: the same as the mastery system where the rune system can also strengthen your mainstay hero

3. Achievement system: that is, whatever achievements you have got will be stored in the system, for example being able to do 999 combos, being able to collect 100 permanent heroes, and so on

4. Rank Mode: Previously the term was ladder, but now the term has been replaced with rank mode, where you will fight enemies 1 vs 1 and each victory will increase your point rank. Be number 1 by getting the highest points

5. Trophy system: Get attractive prizes by completing challenges given by the lost saga remastered

Those were the 5 differences between the usual Lost Saga and the Remastered Lost Saga, apart from the improved graphics, of course.

it’s a shame there seems to be no account transfer from gamescool to gravity, aka we start from 0, bro just in time for Eid


Many netizens questioned the seriousness of Lost saga remastered, because gravity did not intend to promote Lost Saga Remastered, for example, a YouTube video that only took Lost Saga Remastered China and only changed the text, alias without capital.

many also give suggestions on the official facebook page for example

Min, it’s just like this between transfers or not making it from 0 again, if the transfer of heroes and unique gear is nerfed or don’t even do it if it’s still being followed, I think it will make it difficult for new players

I hope there will be a feature for making your own gear, it will be more creative and more fun. and for the materials for making gear, there are materials such as adaptations of anime stories, the VR game genre rather than just gear design.

please… you don’t need gears that can be used on all heroes… just leave it plain as it is…
combo… just swap…
so that it’s balanced, not P2W and competitive using the hero you like… there can also be pride, for example if you are good at hero A to the top server…

and many more, hopefully with the release of lost saga remastered it can cure the longing of old lost saga players before the chit attacks, admin misses playing with college friends euy

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