11 Unique Netflix Facts You Didn’t Know

Did you know that Netflix has a series of hidden facts in it? Here are 11 interesting facts about Netflix that you might not know.

1. Netflix is ​​older than Google

Google was created around 1998, on September 4th in the United States to be precise. Meanwhile, Netflix has been around since August 29, 1997. At that time, they only provided a DVD subscription service. Yes, simply a DVD rental place. this lasted until 2007 they announced it was going to be a video streaming service.

2. At first, Netflix had a different name

Choosing a name for a company is a matter of consideration. There are several names being considered, namely DirectPix.com is for sale, http://Replay.com, and Luna – Shop Smart, Shop Luna – Carpet, Hardwood, Laminate. One name that has been around for a while is Kibble.com, which is better known as pet food.

3. Netflix’s first subscribers got adult content

This happened in 1998. Marc Randolph, the co-founder of Netflix wanted to offer a videotape of President Bill Clinton giving testimony regarding his involvement with Monica Lewinsky. But the videos are randomly mixed up. because of this incident, DVD porn* originating from China was distributed to hundreds of customers.

4. House of Cards wasn’t Netflix’s first show

In the beginning, Netflix broadcast its first original TV series, House of Cards, which caught the attention of many people. The show even won an Emmy Award. When in fact their first program was Lilyhammer.

5. Netflix subscribers watch 100 million hours of video per day

Netflix now has more than 50 million subscribers. If accumulated, all of them can watch 100 million hours of video in just one day.

6. New Netflix employees earn a sizable salary

Who wants to work at Netflix? According to sources from the Glassdoor team, Netflix offers a sizable salary for workers located in America, starting at US$ 17.3 per hour. This is equivalent to IDR 245 thousand.

Pretty fantastic value right? Reporting from various sources, Indonesia is also big, you know, it is even included in the ranks of companies that dare to pay their employees high wages.

7. Netflix even provides spoilers for the shows you will watch

This platform doesn’t care about spoilers. If you can’t follow your favorite series or movie, it’s your fault.

In fact, they created a special site to unlock all the secrets of your favorite shows. In 2014 they opened their own site which deliberately leaked the plot of Netflix’s own program called Spoil Yourself which is specifically dedicated to providing spoilers to their subscribers.

8. They know how long it takes someone to select a show

Netflix has huge data about its subscribers. They noted that it took the average subscriber about two minutes to choose which show they wanted to watch.

9. They don’t release their ratings

Netflix keeps viewership numbers a secret. This is also because their service is based on subscriber count, not viewer count per show. But you can still see it via Google.

10. Now Netflix is ​​more popular than cable TV

The number of Netflix fans is increasing every year. In 2023, the number of subscribers increased by 50 million. This is inversely proportional to the number of cable TV subscribers which decreased by 48 million at the same time.

11. There is a new term, namely “Netflix cheating”

The meaning of “netflix chatting” is when a couple watches Netflix shows together, but one of them has already watched it first.

Those are some unique facts about Netflix.

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