Valorant Patch 1.01 nerfed and Buffed several Agents and Gameplay updates

Since the global release of Valorant on Wednesday (3/6/2023), Riot Games has continued to update Valorant, which Riot Games is currently doing via patch 1.01. This update presents nerfs and buffs for some of their agents (the names of characters in Valorant).

The agent who got nerfed this time was a Sage agent, right? great. The agent got a sizable nerf ability compared to before.Credits: Riot Games

Sage’s skill that got nerfed was his Barrier Orb skill, where now his range has been reduced from 20 meters to only 10 meters. Riot Games explained that this nerf was made because “with a range of 20m it will be possible for Sage to aggressively control neutral territory in a slightly underhanded way, befitting her role in Valorant.”

This is believed to reduce some of the aggressive Barrier Orb play seen recently in the game as well as make Sage players think more defensively.

Meanwhile, the agents who got the buff were Reyna and Sova, although it wasn’t significant. Area of ​​effect indicators for Recon Bolt and Leer now only appear on the enemy minimap if any of their allies are near the area of ​​effect.Credits: Riot Games

This should earn Sova in particular more value over his Recon Bolt as it will be much harder to spot now.


Apart from nerfs and buffs for agents, this patch also updates the Ascent map by fixing several spots, which can be used to change the game. They also discussed the problem of wall penetration in Ascent, where in some locations shooting through walls can only be done in one direction or only benefit one team.

And patch 1.01 also brings changes to the Spike Rush mode which is different from before. The fast game mode now has three new types of orbs in addition to the Full Ultimate Orb, Crippling Decay Orb, and the Damage Amplifier Orb.

At the start of each round, players will be shown a different type of orb in the description widget during the character selection screen and before the start of the game.

The following three types of new orbs are present in Spike Rush mode:
Health Orb – Gives entire team HP regen instantly
Deception Orb – Inflicts “Paranoia” for the enemy team three seconds after being hit
Golden Gun Orb – Gives players a golden gun that has perfect accuracy to take down opponents with just one shot when hit by an orb.

In this update, Riot Games is sticking with its decision not to continuously change agents, weapons, and various game mechanics in the Valorant patch. Instead, the development team focused on fixing several in-game issues that could negatively impact gameplay.

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