Medal Of Honor Is Late To Innovate So Lose To The Call Of Duty Series??

The reason why Medal of Honor can’t be as successful as Call of Duty today, I’ve found content that discusses it. Whether it comes from reading content from HotGame magazine,

As I recall vroh, the founder of CoD was a junior who worked on the team of Medal Of Honor founders, usually abbreviated as MoH. So, at that time, MoH was still the only war-themed first person shooter game and no other franchise had been able to compete with the fame of the franchise that had spawned series such as MoH Vanguard, MoH European Assault, and MoH Airborne.

“junior workers on the Moh series”: Grant Collier, Jason West, and Vince Zampella

It all started with the idea of ​​the Juniors who wanted to propose additional innovations and features (I forgot the details of the intended innovation) for the next MoH iteration. Unfortunately, this idea was not accepted by the Senior. The Seniors argue that this idea has the opportunity to reduce the interest of the fans of the MoH franchise. Moreover, the Senior still seems to want to exploit the old school war theme, which, unfortunately, is not accompanied by additional features/content in it.

After a while, the Juniors finally left the MoH development team. Finally, Junior founded Infinity Ward, and then started initiating a new FPS game called Call of Duty.

Series handled by “the juniors” back in 2015, Inc

MoH began to fade when CoD -which had become their competitor for heavy FPS games- began to spawn the latest iteration of CoD, but with a modern war theme. Yup, the iteration in question is CoD: Modern Warfare (2007). Apparently, this CoD series is in great demand by the market, and makes the 4th series of CoD one of the best series. Even Infinity Ward also made this series part of the Modern Warfare trilogy, and again, CoD Modern Warfare 3 (2011) or known as CoD: MW3 became the best-selling series of the Modern Warfare trilogy, as well as the best in the hearts of fans of this franchise.

Back about MoH. There is one more thing that keeps MoH from being able to seize their chance to win again, namely the lack of innovation. The only MoH series that carried the theme of modern warfare at that time was MoH Warfighter (2011), which unfortunately was poorly executed. Moreover, the theme of modern warfare for that year had become moldy, and MoH had to fight their toughest rival with their CoD MW3. In the end, the MoH franchise has faded in recent years.

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