Valorant tactical Shooter and Moba review is 1, why not

During this natural and social crisis (on the western continent), the video game industry has experienced a drastic decline. Lots of video games have been delayed, one of which is Death Stranding on PC which was supposed to be released on 2-Jun-2023, postponed for 1 month to 14-July-2023.

Luckily, along with the announcement of the delay, Riot Games announced that Valorant would be releasing on 2-Jun-2023, needless to say, I was excited to give the game a go.


Riot Games already has a long history of maintaining a competitive game atmosphere, even if only in the MOBA genre.

Valorant is a tactical FPS video game with shooting patterns like Counter-Strike, using heroes/champions/agents/operators/characters like Rainbow Six: Siege, and sci-fi based not too far into the future like Overwatch.

At the beginning of the game, players are required to choose a hero/champion/agent/operator/character, each of which has different abilities. This sentence is not foreign, because there are so many video games that adopt a concept like this.

Fortunately, unlike shooter heroes, each of these characters can buy weapons that are equally lethal—that is, Sentinels, which generally have abilities that act as support, don’t mean they will heal continuously for tanks, because there is no such class division.

Each character has the same amount of health: 100, plus additional armor that absorbs damage up to 50. So, accuracy is crucial in determining victory.

Another thing that made me really enjoy playing Valorant was the details of the weapons, which are real data. In the image above, the original data of a weapon named Sheriff is shown, in which the primary attack (or left click in default control mode) is semi-automatic (one click for one bullet), with a speed of 4 patrun/sec, which will deal damage. different ones at different points of the body at different distances, along with a magazine capacity of 6 bullets, and… One soft data—”high” wall penetration.

To be honest, what I’ve seen in Counter-Strike (recently) and Call of Duty, they provide soft data in the form of bar charts, which encourage players to experiment on their own, but don’t really know how much damage is being dealt to enemies.

For now, the gameplay is similar to Defusal in Counter-Strike: if a team of players is playing as an attacking team, a team of 5 players is required to place a Spike (or C4 in Counter-Strike) on site A, B, or C before the time runs out, on the other hand, if the player’s team plays as a defense (defending team), players are required to protect sites A, B, or C from planting enemy Spikes or survive until the round time runs out.

TLDRs; 5 vs 5, bomb defusal mode.

The game ends when one team wins 13 rounds of play. Generally, a game containing 25 rounds (places 12–13) will be around 40 minutes long, so make sure your readers have enough free time to complete one game!

The maps are chosen randomly, as is common in many competitive video games, for now there are 4 maps named Bind, Haven, Split and Ascent. Also, to date, I’ve played all the maps except Split. The three maps are to be honest quite easy to understand, I think the map designer is also very experienced.

Let’s talk about the character design.

Sage, Sage, Sage. He has the following abilities:

The Sage can summon a wall of ice blocking vision, which can only be destroyed when the duration is up, or be shot by multiple bullets, then…

Sage can summon areas that look like Pantone 3252 C colored ice[1] which slows the movement of anyone who enters the area.

This design is very similar to the character Mei in Overwatch, who can summon walls of ice and areas that slow down enemies. It seems that Mei really inspired this character.

Then, Omen, who has a scary voice and a mysterious background.

One of his abilities is medium-range teleport.

Like the Reaper in Overwatch.

But, to be honest, behind all that, all the character designs are very special, with special animations too.

My own favorite agent is Breach, who can shoot explosive particles that penetrate walls, shoot flashbang particles that penetrate walls, daze or dizzy enemies by tapping the ground—so that they penetrate walls a considerable distance, and throw enemies into the air with a series of blows. funnel-shaped earth. His skill set makes Breach suitable as a defense piercer, and also defeats campers.

There are still many other characters with special abilities, which I don’t think it’s possible for me to discuss all of them here—after all, I haven’t unlocked all of them yet, hahaha.

For monetization, of course, like other video games that have just been released, Valorant has a Battle Pass which is… It’s not called the Battle Pass, but it’s referred to as “Premium”… I don’t know what Premium, I’ll just call it “Premium Act Pass (not the real name) “. The contents, as usual, are cosmetic.

There are also several skins that can be purchased with players’ money, should players wish to further support this video game.

To unlock agents, players are required to complete a mission called a “contract”—which must be locked for one agent, which is then completed in an easy way: Play Valorant.

There are also missions which, when completed, will add to the progress of the contract and “Premium Act Pass”. If the contract has reached tier or level 5, the player will open an agent according to the selected contract.

Then, music, which of course cannot be conveyed in words alone. Valorant has music that is generic, simple and I think it only functions as a filler for the atmosphere. Indeed, this is something that annoys some people, because they want to hear unique music from League of Legends developers.

Source: Youtube

However, for me personally, this music is quite enough and comfortable to hear, not too deafening like the music in the next game Counter-Strike when entering the main menu. Its constant low tone and reasonable volume make it comfortable to listen to for long periods of time.

Again, for me personally, sound in FPS is very important. In Valorant, there’s no unnecessary music like in Counter-Strike. Step sounds that are clearly positioned and—subtly—different for each character, make this video game incredibly fun to play—and listen to. Hopefully Valorant maintains this quality for years to come.

Although some of the characters have similarities with characters in other franchises cough overwatch cough, the animation is very special, and the design of each character looks different from one another—without destroying the atmosphere and background of the existing video games. In other words, this video game Art Direction deserves to be commended.

As a Free-to-Play video game, Valorant has high quality. Its small size and widely spread servers, even in Southeast Asia, make it easily accessible to many parties.

Valorant is nothing new in the competitive video game industry that is saturated with Battle Royale video games, where players are always in the action, without feeling helpless at all.

4 out of 5, it’s a pretty good game.

Additional notes: Because this video game is new, maybe the skill ceiling is still low, so it’s still very friendly for anyone who wants to start a multiplayer FPS game over the Internet.

Author: Hanif Eka Pramudita

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