The First Experience of Cosplay and Being a Wibu

I want to tell you about my first time participating in cosplay and becoming a pro weeb..

At that time, I was still in my 3rd semester at a campus in Surabaya.. One day my department BEM announced to send a representative to take part in the next faculty event. In the afternoon I had coffee with my friends at the warkop.. suddenly there was someone wearing a Doremon costume singing while carrying a walkman cake and a small salon on my waist.. when he was singing behind me suddenly I remembered the event at the bulletin earlier..

well, I asked my friend… what kind of cosplay is it, you know, I only understand Dota and Ragnarok. because of what I’m saying.. because I was naive and at that time I was proud of my alma mater major, I thought of borrowing the costume from the busker who just now..

A little far away, I called the busker, he came back, I told him to sit down, I bought coffee. help him ma as well as go with the department representative.. after I said that if I wanted to rent the costume, the ladies refused.. not because it’s not allowed but because it’s dirty.. so when I said it was okay I would wash it later but the ladies forced me to wash it first.. in the end I agreed but I asked where to pick it up later.. he gave me the address of the house tomorrow afternoon and told me to pick it up..

ok, I’ll wait for the next day… after college, I’ll go straight to the women’s house… it turns out that the house is in the middle of Surabaya. Obviously, because I was blind, I finally found his house.. I looked around and imagined living in such a cramped house, with such overcrowding, it’s better if I choose to sleep in an internet cafe..

smoothtration photo

when I greeted the 3 small children out.. the only one was almost in my mouth anyway.. my mother and I asked.. uh they went inside ma screaming BUK ONOK BILL SUDAH.. aswu I’m my friend laughing to myself.. wow it’s okay if you gowokno celurit lak ngene carane said my friend.. I saw in front of his house there was a sack of crackers, children’s toys and a small stool for selling iced cao.. I was told to come in but I didn’t feel comfortable, my friend just waited at the porch of the house.. the ladies he also appeared bringing costumes and singing equipment. it was an awkward moment for me and the women.. in the end I gave my KTP to him if he didn’t want money for bail.. even though it looked like he didn’t want to but I forced him.. I bought ice to load him up..

the next day I started doing a little research so I could understand what cosplay and Doremon is.. I watched Doremon movies all day long and read Google.. I just realized that I don’t have arms and round legs like Doremon.. but how do I make it.. I asked a friend he replied, yo make fantofel shoes kro gloves iki doremon campus ngono ae tekok.. yes because basically I’m hooh2 yes I just follow what my friends say.. I text the head of BEM I ask permission to register I represent the department.. he said ok.. well, the other item, like dorayaki, I’m a bit confused.. ndi suroboyo onok dorayaki onok yo cukrik.. after thinking hard I finally remembered that in the warkop there was bread filled with chocolate if you pressed it a little like dorayaki.. instead of not bringing it.. I think it’s all wrong with my stomach..

In the morning I was going to go, I tried on the costumes of my friends.. the poses in the photo.. cool right.. talking about your ugly face.. after that I went alone to the place where I was riding a motorcycle.. unfortunately I haven’t even made it to the alley, uh, bike my motorbike punctured the tire.. went back to the boarding house and asked to accompany my friends. No one wanted to go for coffee. When I arrived, I’ll let you know they’re off. the motorcycle taxi because he brought the head of Doremon.. wow, I think this gateli wong.. what you need to know is that my campus is the only campus separated by a mountain river and a golf course.. even though it’s the same university.. so its fck up..

when it arrived.. i remembered the tip to tell me to pee first before putting on the costume.. i looked for a toilet on the campus.. after making a painting on the bathroom wall.. i thought this was a men’s toilet.. yes i took off everyone’s clothes except GTman which was still attached it’s tight.. when you want to wear a costume, Ukhty2 bursts in.. he stays still and looks at me. looking at me ae in the heart.. finally he gave in to come out until I finished wearing the costume.. it turns out the girl’s toilet sign on the door is not on it.. how do I know dog..

as soon as I walked out into the hall, eh, it’s amazing, it turns out that it wasn’t Doremon, my brother, who was there.. how come the costumes are different from mine, yeah, at heart.. but what ever? using Doremon is no less weird too… but no one asked me to take my photo… I didn’t know what to do when I got together so there was a Gundam in front of me… so I asked him… the committee member, Kono, did you get Ben Melu’s number? main stage… main stage what’s wrong with this… in the end I registered there… the committee just smiled when I came… after that my boarding house friends arrived… actually I was so happy wearing costumes I swear I can’t imagine the ladies walking around singing wearing this right Surabaya weather exceeds Bekasi..

smoothtration 2

After that, there was a ding, ding, an announcement for those who had registered for the stage.. right on stage, a lot of people had gathered.. I watched the thesis exam, there were 3 examiners and they were called 1 by 1 to pose, I was asked..

when it was my turn to be called I forgot my backpack I was still wearing because my clothes were all in there.. let me go up.. eh the seed shouted doremon e at college rek backpack e at gowo nang ndi2.. everyone laughed.. well on stage I’m just silent.. are you ready? asked the jury suddenly I remembered the other contestants using poses.. but I swear I blanked at that time.. instead I posed for black knight.. instead of supporting my friend I said wow wrong style suw.. laughing all over the room.. so the judges said. If you want to pose, you have to say Helmi… I don’t understand what Helsim was at that time… After a brief introduction, I was asked why I chose that costume? ask the judges.. yes I sing the jingle I want to do this I want to do that.. everyone laughs.. what’s the cable in the pocket.. I remember Doremon’s voice when I took out the tool yes my voice was similar to what I said a beard trimmer even though it was originally a walkman.. well, usually doremon brings some cake… now, because I’m overly confident, I took out the bread from the warkop yesterday.. tong teng, tong teng, dorayaki, a lump in my stomach.. the judges were laughing.. someone popped out, gold brand gold.. I forgot that it was still wrapped neatly.. So next to the salon, why is it, Doremon? asked the jury.. so like this, the nobita bngst from episode 1 to 5000 asked for my tools and it turned out that they weren’t used, but they were sold to cinemas. . in the end, I busked mas to collect money to buy seats for the future or any door from the cinema so I could go back to the future and then I beat Nobita at that time.. the judges actually said it was really sad, guys.. the only judge said, bro, you have destroyed my childhood memories when I saw that the hall everyone was laughing..

after I finished, I got off all the applause, there was a lot of applause, I thought I was going to be bullied or what to do with it. and what I’m wondering is why I won 3rd place even though there was Gundam, there was Narto and Icigo, I felt cool with them.. I went up to the stage.. when I wanted to receive the prize, Goodybag, the committee, my name was changed to Doremon from episode 5001.. well The most important thing is to win, be proud of my major..

smoothtration 3

after that I immediately dry-cleaned the costume, because I was afraid that tomorrow the women would use it to sing again.. while waiting for the dryclean, we had coffee, and for a moment we talked about the prize. I gave all the gifts to the women, including money to rent the costumes.. my friend said contact the BEM head of the previous department.. after that I was told to go to the boarding house of my BEM chairman.. after finishing the dry cleaning, I went straight to the OTW that afternoon.. it turned out At the boarding house, there were already faculty children. He said he also wanted to come with me to the houses of the women who had the costumes. cmn because it was already late, we went to the women’s house.. there were a lot of people handing over aid and gifts.. we saw people from our village doing house renovations.. the mother was weak and crying when we arrived.. I’m not feeling well for sure Mother was tired and shocked.. after calming down, she was able to talk to.. the mother just told me a lot about her situation, why is it so sad.. just sad..

From there, I am grateful to be able to go to college and graduate at the same time, even though my GPA is two comma.. even though I am also too lazy to become unskillful. I even have thoughts of dropping out of college, but every time I think about it, I remember that mother.. Living with 3 children alone, I can’t imagine. what kind of future can he promise his children when our parents are trying desperately to pay for college and I’m reluctant.. even though I’m finally strong enough to pay my own school fees, but if I remember the struggle, the women in Doremon costumes go for a walk, how many days can I sing.. bitch heavy..

wes cuk confide e kesek typing..

this is my wednesday, where is your wednesday?

source: kbbd dota 2 fan page

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