How to Get Free Emotes free fire 2023

How to Get Free Emotes free fire 2023

This event has just been implemented on the Brazilian server, for the Indonesian server, we hope that this event will also be implemented considering that there are many players from Indonesia, both kind and toxic.
Now what you guys want to know is how to get emotes in free fire, here, please, have a good look, but this is only for the Brazilian server, remember Brazil is not Indo.

If vroh vroh wants this free fire emote, then you only need to play free fire in an event that is held for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.
So, you can get a permanent free emote prize from this game. But if you only play this game for 40 minutes during the event, then you will only get a free emote for 3 days.

Then, for example, if you play for 1 hour (60 minutes), then you will claim a free emote for 1 full week. Meanwhile, if you only play for 20 minutes, then you will only get a free emote for 1 day.

So, if you want a free emote permanently, it would be better to play it within the specified time as explained above, which is 1 hour 20 minutes.

Besides that, if you really like collecting Free Fire emotes for free, then you can get them at the event which is currently being held on the Brazil server. Unfortunately, in Indonesia there has not been an event held. Because the last event that took place was the previous Valentine’s Day Event.

So, please be patient, kids, relax and relax first, don’t be jealous, tell the boss to the Brazilian server, okay?

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