Garena Free Fire doesn’t seem to be playing around in eradicating cheating this time, in the Free Fire eSports game, just look at Garena immediately banning 3.8 million cheater accounts during this maintenance. The anti-hack system called operation cutcord, which was handled by the Garena free fire team, has succeeded in banning thousands of accounts every day because they were caught acting unsupportively or fraudulently. Thousands of accounts that have been banned have now reached 3.8 million Free Fire accounts, of which 700 thousand are known to have come from reports from other players.

While the rest is the result of the findings of the cutcord anti-hack operation system.Our anti-hack team went into overdrive trying to figure this cheater out. We banned more than 700 thousand accounts reported by users because we tried to uphold support and this was the reason for using the Cutcord operation,” wrote Garena’s official statement. “The enhanced anti-hack system has successfully removed more than 3.8 million cheater accounts using third-party programs. But it’s not over yet,” “We are looking for scripts and also fixing some technology flaws in our game client, with cheaters being punished after the game ends, preventing players from continuously creating new accounts, as well as a number of other new breakthroughs,” said garena free. fire.

Garena Free Fire itself will hold a large-scale tournament called Free Fire Asia All-Stars (FFAA) 2023. Famous artists/celebrities and pro players from various countries such as Indonesia, India, Thailand and Vietnam will compete online to fight for the total prize USD 80,000 (equivalent to 1.2 billion rupiah).

This tournament will be held on June 12 and 13 2023 and can be watched live streaming on the official FF Esports ID YouTube account.

For this reason, Garena Free Fire continues to carry out mass bans from reports from other players or from Garena’s anti-hack system, because we don’t want this competition to be tarnished by cheaters.

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