Dragon Raja Mmorpg Review With Cool Graphics

Game Type:MMORPG

Production: Archosaur Games

Release: May 26, 2023

Download Size: 1.4GB

Age Rating: 12 years and over

Number of Uploads: 100,000+ downloads

In-Game Purchases: IDR 17,000.00 – IDR 1,676,420.00 per item

Version: 1.0.76 (25 May 2023)

For those who are addicts to JRPG games, you will definitely be waiting for this game (myself included). What can no longer be contested in this era is where games compete in terms of graphics and visual beauty. Now this game is good at the standard level, because it has a unique look at the texture of the game. In addition, the theme of modern fantasy is still balanced with ancient fantasy. Indeed, there are many future technologies in this game. But still based on ancient fantasy, like dragons with magic, special powers, etc. On the other hand, the characters are also unique and cute, both cool male characters and beautiful female characters. For me, the designer managed to do a good job.

Dragon Raja is a Realtime Action RPG game that can move anywhere. Overall, it’s the same as most RPG games in general. There are stories, main quests, quests, level ups, activities and various content in the game. There is quite a lot of content in the game, but only the main story is fun to play until I lose track of time myself. Gameplay like this will indeed make any player immediately tempted. Moreover, the attack buttons and skills are quite smooth and smooth.

There are 4 job choices for now, namely, swordmaster, gunslinger, assassin, and also soul dancer. Dragon Raja also enforces a gender lock, namely 4 genders to choose from, namely male, female and loli

My feeling after playing this game is like playing a console game with a complex story. The point is that it’s not like the MMORPG Mobile games we’re used to so far, the problem here is that it’s rich in stories and interesting to follow. This makes stories provide a reasonable amount of compensation when compared to other activities (like leveling, etc). I’m also fascinated by the cutscenes, which are completely different from other games. It’s a loss if you miss the Dragon Raja cutscene. Because the players are not limited to reading the text, but also feel the emotions of the characters through the actors who voice these characters. The cutscenes, if combined, might make an extraordinary film, you know. Especially for this, I give credit to game developers who can give full attention to players through stories and complex scenes.

Dragon Raja is an RPG mobile game made by Archosaur Games, a developer from China. They officially opened a camp in SEA, including Indonesia. This game takes the theme of the future and puts a lot of fantasy into it. Besides the beautiful and cute characters, the gameplay also feels fun. It can be considered as a modern-day mobile game that many players will surely love.


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