Reyna New Valorant Agent Ready to Release

The official Valorant Twitter account released a short teaser today showing off the new character coming to the game. Her name is Reyna and she reminds someone of…

Reyna is originally from Mexico and after teasing the character recently, Riot showed off about 30 seconds of gameplay in a small video. The video also seems to provide an overview of the new map that will most likely be released when the game officially launches for everyone on June 2nd. Expect Reyna to also be playable at the same time.

Valorant has been in closed beta, for several weeks twitch viewers could only watch select people play Valorant for hours and caused anger and envy about it. But it won’t be long before anyone will be able to play Valorant and instead be able to scream online about changes and updates to Valorant’s content.

for those who don’t know Valorant is a shooter game made by Riot games, Valorant carries the theme of a 5 vs 5 tactical shooter, where teams defend and attack each other, and each hero has unique skills that make Valorant even more fun to play.

Valorant is likely to be the next best-selling esports game on the market

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