Best HDD for storing PC and console games in 2023

#Dirumahsaja is a hashtag that is busy because of Corona attacking Indonesia, because of being at home all the time, it’s boring with no activities. In the end, many people choose to play games to spend their time #dirumahsaja.

Many consoles and handles have increased in price because they are being chased to spend time at home, which was busy when the price of switches went up almost 2x, it turns out that buying only the console is still lacking because you need a hard drive to store downloaded games.

So, this time Mimin will recommend several hard drives that are suitable for use on your console or PC.


There are lots of great portable drives out there. But you can’t beat Western Digital’s My Passport brand drive, which can easily be taken anywhere. My Passport comes in 1TB, 2TB, 4TB, and 5TB sizes, along with a variety of colors and materials (plastic and metal). It’s backwards compatible with USB-3.0, although it uses a standard mechanical hard drive with decent speeds, but for most uses it’s more than vroh enough. With a 3-year warranty, you can rest easy if anything goes wrong with the HDD.

2.WD Desktop HDD

if you don’t often travel, aka mager at home, you can try this desktop HDD, a desktop drive like the WD My Book will be a little faster than the external type, and a little cheaper. Much larger size — up to 14TB in the case of a single My Book drive, or 24TB for dual-drive models. WD’s desktop HDDs are physically larger, and require you to plug them into a wall socket when you use them.

For desktop use this shouldn’t be a problem and is a small sacrifice for the gain you get. (WD Elements is great too, although it comes with a 2-year warranty instead of the My Book’s 3-year warranty — but if it’s on sale at a much lower price, it could be worth the savings for you.). Game Content until you forget how long you’ve been #stayinghome, because because of the size of this hdd.


If traditional hard drives are too slow for you, check out portable SSDs, the Samsung T7 is tiny, super fast, and comes with a 3 year warranty. You even get a fingerprint scanner for extra security. your choice of 500GB, 1TB, or 2TB size variants, in a number of different colors. It’s more expensive than other similar brands, but you’ll be happy to pay for that extra speed, which comes in handy if you’re editing videos on the go. (If you don’t need a fingerprint scanner or best-in-class speeds, Samsung’s older T5 is a bit cheaper, and still plenty fast.)

4. SEAGATE Wireless HDD

Now you no longer need to bother plugging cables from portable hard drives to your other devices. Because, Seagate presents a wireless data storage device titled Wireless Plus.
Yep, Wireless Plus can share its own WiFi network so you can stream media or files from your device wherever you are. Not even just one, the WiFi network from this device can be connected to 8 gadgets at the same time to access data, of course without a quota package.
In addition, the devices that are available with a choice of storage capacities of 500 GB, 1 TB and 2 TB can be connected within a maximum distance of 46 meters. It certainly won’t block your workspace.
With dimensions of 127 x 89 x 21 mm and a weight of 0.272 km, you can get this Seagate Wireless Plus by spending around IDR 1-2 million.

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