The Playstation 1 Game That Used to Accompany You IN Rental(1)

Vroh, so this is the admin, I want to tell you, when I was in grade 5, Mimin was left by my mother to go on a pilgrimage for 40 days.

To the extent that Mimin is addicted every time he comes home from school he always goes to the rental, so Mimin wants to tell you about the game Mimin is playing, Mimin is sure that most of the old players will definitely play at the rental. Shhh, this is only part 1, so stay tuned for the article.

this is a game similar to metal slug but the marine version and uses submarines of course the war, so this is a side scrolling game (left to right) that’s how it is played, there are several variants of weapons that can be obtained in the game in the hunt, the most memorable thing about this game is, the level of difficulty, oh my God, I’m still dying, Mimin.

2. Panzer bandits

Panzer bandit is also a side scrolling adventure game that can be played by 2 players, so Mimin used to like to treat friends so Mimin played games that averaged 2 players. minimal special skills.

3. fighting force

Fighting Force is also a 2 player adventure, the difference is that it’s already 3D, and the game type isn’t left to right anymore, so you can go around the map to beat up the enemies, the game is also quite difficult if you play with 1 person, it’s guaranteed to be in trouble.

4. tekken 3

What Mimin remembers the most from Tekken 3 is Dr. B Dlosor Dlosor, Paul’s punch, and Yoshimitsu’s suicide, for you, what vroh do you remember most from Tekken 3?

5. hercs adventure

This puzzle game makes me dizzy, even now Mimin hasn’t finished yet, what Mimin remembers the most is that when you die you go to hell, the same if you want to live again you pay with coins, have any of you finished? ?

6. metal slugs

a game that is still often played today, the most memorable of course is the struggle to save old grandpa so he can get cool weapons, and eat pork to make him fat

7. winning eleven

Roberto Carlos is an attacker because of his speed of 19, if there is a free kick Roberto Carlos is also the one who is ordered to kick it, if a goal imitates the commentator’s voice, goal.. goal.. goal..,

8.Captain Tsubasa gets In Tomorrow

In the past, I was often really curious about how to get cool skills because the Japanese language was so difficult to understand, a friend of one of the rentals accidentally took out Hyuga’s Raijuu skill, was immediately worshiped at the vroh rental, and was treated to 2 hours of play

9. yugioh Forbidden Memories

In the past, before cheating hit this game, many were excited to play to collect cards to duel with 1 rental friend, but since there was a city, I was a bit lazy to play.

10.Digimon Tamer

Mimin used to be excited to watch this game, especially when suddenly there was a mission against black greymon to get the Digimon so it can be played in 2 player mode, I was so excited when playing this game Mimin often added a timer to complete all the digimons without your city.

That was a list of games that accompanied Mimin playing at the rental, maybe Mimin will update part 2 later

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