Lost saga Indonesia Officially Closed

Sad news comes from Indonesian online game publisher, Gamescool.

Gamescool has just written an update on the official Lost Saga Saga Indonesia page, regarding the continuation of the Lost Saga game, which is likely to expire on June 30, 2023.

According to Gamescool, Lost Saga International does not want to extend its contract period in Indonesia.

Lost saga was widely played in Indonesia in the 2011-2014 range, even though many cities entered the Lost Saga game, it didn’t reduce the fun of playing with friends.

Lost Saga really deserves to be played a lot because besides the game it requires low specs, the gameplay is also cool, we can do a series of combos with several heroes that we have rented or bought permanently. We can also do combos with our friends, if playing in deathmatch mode.

The ladder (ranked) system is also very good, we know that Indonesians like competition, when we are ranked we don’t only play with hand speed but also by heating up the opponent’s manasi or the term “slash” the opponent so that the opponent’s concentration is broken.

Who has spent a lot of money to buy gcash, if Mimin is logged in for 100 days to get a permanent hero.

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