Resident Evil 8 Release Schedule Leaked On The Internet

As we know vroh, there have been several Resident Evil games that have received remake versions, starting from Resident Evil 2 to 3 and some time ago it was also reported that Capcom was in the development stage for Resident Evil 4 Remake. But unlike the news this time, there is a leaker who tells the release date for Resident Evil 8.

It’s not surprising, considering that rumors about the presence of the latest series from one of the best horror game franchises have gone viral some time ago. Now via a leaker who has managed to share exact leaks in the past, we have a leak for the game’s release date. The leaker shared news about the Resident Evil 8 game which will be released in January 2023.

The leaker, AestheticGamer, also said that the release schedule could change considering the Corona pandemic that is currently sweeping the world. Leakers provide a deadline for game releases to fall between January and March 2023. Capcom previously said it would present something big next year.

Resident Evil 8 could be the answer to Capcom’s statement. Considering that the most recent series of this franchise has existed since 3 years ago, and it’s time this year or next year Capcom releases its newest series. However, the developer has released 2 game remakes of the franchise in the last 2 years.

Keep in mind, this news is still a rumor that could be true or false. Therefore you don’t need to believe too much and just know about this one news. Although the leaker always conveys rumors that are finally true at a later date, this has not been officially stated. Let’s wait and see if Capcom wants to share some official information some time in the future.

On the other hand, it looks like this Resident Evil 8 game is planned for the next generation of consoles, namely the Playstation 5. So far there is no definite date for when this console will be released, and it is possible that with its release later there will be information about the latest series of one of the best horror games. At the moment. Rumors are circulating that Resident Evil 8 is currently in development.

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