Reza Arap and Sandiaga Uno discussed Indonesian Esports

Last February 2023, Sandiaga Uno was elected Deputy Chair of the PB Esports Advisory Board. Recently, discussing Indonesian eSports, Sandiaga Uno spoke with Reza Arap.

This serious conversation between Sandiaga Uno and Reza Arap was revealed by him in an IG TV video that lasted 3 minutes and 14 seconds which was uploaded by @sandiuno last Wednesday (27/5/2023).

Not only talking with Reza Arap, Sandiaga Uno also involved the Morph Team eSports team in the conversation.

Talking about eSports, Sandiaga Uno explained that currently eSports have great potential with nearly 60 million active gamers. The total value of the eSports industry has even exceeded 1 billion US dollars, this figure is predicted to continue to grow in the future.

In the future, Sandiaga Uno hopes that the field of eSports can be pursued professionally like national sports athletes who make the nation proud.

Sandiaga Uno chats with Reza Arap.  (instagram/sandiuno)
Sandiaga Uno chats with Reza Arap. (instagram/sandiuno)

Furthermore, Sandiaga Uno hopes that eSports Indonesia can become part of the economic chain which will be able to create new jobs in the future.

”I really appreciate my friends developing eSports,” said Sandiaga Uno.

Talking about parents’ concerns with children who are addicted to games, SandiagaUno asked Reza Arap and the Morph Team’s opinion on this matter.

According to the Morph Team, this requires cooperation between parents and children to deal with cases that are rife as the world of games develops in Indonesia.

At the beginning of the video, netizens were distracted by Reza Arap who was amazed and wondered about Sandiaga Uno’s age.

”To be sure, how old are you, sir?” asked Reza Arap.

With a joke, Sandiaga Uno admitted that he was still 21 years old and was greeted with laughter from Reza Arap, Morph Team and Sandiaga Uno.

Stealing attention after being uploaded, this video of Sandiaga Uno chatting with Reza Arap has been watched more than 1 million times and collected thousands of comments from netizens.

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