The reason why there is no Marketplace Promo on the Web??

Why marketplace such as Shoppe, Tokopedia, and others only give promos on their applications and cannot be used on the website.

Here are some reasons why promos can only be done in the app and cannot be used on the web

The goal is that more and more people will download the application and install it on their respective cellphones. There are 3 benefits here for the company:

Amazon ecommerce app illustration photo[1]


kindly interfacesthe application on the device mobile more “narrow” than applications accessed with a web browser. There is a psychological trick when it comes to UI/UX.

Because the display is narrow, potential customers will naturally be “forced” to make shopping decisions quickly. They don’t have time to click around to compare prices because of the hassle of having to scroll through the screens.

This is an opportunity for the owner marketplace to display various advertisements in the application so that pelapak merchandise (those who have paid points or premium) can sell quickly banners the “glare”.

Illustration of eBay application on mobile[2]

Well, that’s from a psychological point of view. In terms of UI, shopping via the application much shorter than via a web browser. The order of shopping is:

  1. Open the application (if already logged in)
  2. Click item
  3. View basket
  4. Pay
  5. Finished

How about shopping in a web browser?

  1. Type in the website address first
  2. Log in first
  3. Check phone for 2 factor authentication
  4. View front page
  5. Scroll around for items
  6. Right click, new tab
  7. Search again, search again
  8. Right click, new tab
  9. Repeat until you find the item you are looking for
  10. Click item
  11. View basket
  12. Pay
  13. Finished

Promotion Anytime

Was enjoying working in the office, suddenly heard jingleits “To-ko-pe-diaa”. For those who resist the temptation to shop like me, just ignore it. But for those who are crazy about shopping and discounts, jingle it is like the seduction of death.

Reflexively you will open your cellphone to see what promos are being held by Tokopedia.

With more and more people installing the application marketplace it’s on a cellphone, so the owner can easily provide discount notifications to all users.

The notifications are structured and neat. Appears at the right hours when people are relaxing or busy guerrillas in cyberspace.

The question is why push notifications what I receive can be different from my friend next door? I got a bag promotion for climbing the mountain, how come my friend got a Gucci bag promotion?

Let’s get to the last point which is…


Thanks for the development of technology cloudby installing that application on the cellphone then the owner marketplace can monitor all your shopping activities for data, data, and data needs.

What data is collected?

  1. What time did you click the promotion notification?
  2. How many times do you open the app in a day?
  3. What time do you open the app the most without any promotions?
  4. How long have you kept the app open in a certain period of time?
  5. What product categories do you frequent?
  6. What product keywords do you often type in the search field?
  7. How much do you spend in one day, a week, a month and a year?
  8. How many range the price of the product you buy most often?
  9. Pelapak from which city do you often buy?
  10. How often do you write reviews?
  11. How many times have you shared the product link to the app chat?
  12. Which store do you frequent follow?
  13. What payment method do you use most often?
  14. When was the last time you used a discount coupon?

These are just a small part of the data parameters that we can only get from big data an application whose size is not up to hundreds of MB.

Everything you do is recorded real-time and sent to servershis marketplace to be processed into a structured data. These data are sent to the manager to be forwarded again to the executive ranks of the company.

This data supports business decisions. is marketplace the more visitors? More people are shopping? Is it necessary to borrow money? What is the estimated income in the next month?

That’s why a salary data scientists in this day and age it is very expensive due to business data problems speak more.


Owner marketplace deliberately issued more promotions for spending through applications on mobile phones. The goal is for more data to be ingested and for people to shop more often than shopping via a web browser.

source: quora

Author: Fajri Surya Putra

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