Valve Releases Dota 2 2023 Battle Pass

Gaben doesn’t seem to want to lose his coffers of money. Even though in the middle of the corona pandemic aka covid 19. Gaben is still determined to release the battle pass even though he doesn’t know when the internationals schedule will be held.

As The International’s “craziest” Battle Pass so far, Valve seems to have found a subtle way to get DOTA2 players who have started leaving the game to come back to play and of course buy the battle pass. How could I not? In addition to new features such as Guilds, for example, they perform optimally with existing cosmetic items.

The female version of the Anti-Mage Persona.
Skeleton King returns as an Arcana item for the Wraith King.

There are two Persona items – the Toy version of Pudge and the Female version of Anti-Mage, as well as three arcana cosmetics – Queen of Pain’s “Eminence of Ristul”, Windranger’s “Compass of the Rising Gale”, and the return of the Skeleton King skin for the Wraith King! Considering that items cannot be obtained outside of the Battle Pass, it seems safe to say that Valve has locked DOTA 2 gamers’ interest in content like this.

Valve doesn’t seem to want to lose momentum over the OG team’s 2x wins at the internationals before. Maybe this is the reason why the internationals are still being held, although it’s unclear when the schedule will be.

Our next question is, usually a few percent of the money from the sale of the battle pass will be set aside for TI prizes, while for TI 2023 there is no schedule yet, so what will the money from BP sales this year be?

And the second question, in the midst of the quiet dota2 game, will the total prize pool this year surpass the previous year? wallahu alam

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