What hobbies can make money during a pandemic like this?

. But do not rule out using other affiliate programs.

Long story short, I first knew Blog in 2014, was active in 2015. While trying YouTube but it failed, haha. At that time I didn’t have my own GA account until early 2023 I didn’t earn anything.

Because I don’t have an Adsense account, I finally joined the JV service (Join Venture) from Mas Sugeng (Sugeng.id) 70:30 profit sharing at that time. Those who are active in the world of blogging may be familiar with this name.

During the JV, I learned from him about how to blog properly, how to increase views, learn SEO, and how to increase income from Adsense. Starting from how to organize Ads ads and how many are good on one page. And there is much more that I have to learn while blogging.

After a JV for almost a year, I finally had my own account, and I started getting income without using profit sharing at all.

But unfortunately, now I’m not very active in writing because of a lack of passion and motivation. Read also my story in Achmad Mu’afi’s answer to What makes you feel at home cooped up in your room?

Here’s a little fortune for snacks that I got from my own account per this answer written:

Sorry, this is not meant to show off, but to encourage friends who really want to try to explore what they like. I give a watermark so people don’t abuse it. Haha.

Additional edits because someone asked.

How to Start Blogging?

You can start by creating a blog/website via Blogger.com or WordPress.com or WordPress.org. Then buy a tld domain (.net .com, etc) so that your blog looks professional on Niagahoster, Rumahweb, etc. If you create a blog via WordPress.org, you have to buy hosting as well, so it’s a bit expensive.

Don’t forget to use a template with a simple design and mobile-friendly let’s look good. Free download on the internet a lot! If you want something prettier, you can buy it at IDNtheme, Arlinadgzn, KompiMajaib or Mas Sugeng.

Then write an article with selling topics (in the sense that there is audience target) with a minimum of 400–500 words in Indonesian and English to invite traffic/views.

To post an ad, you must first register/have a Google Adsense account. Register your blog when you feel ready.

  • Have at least 15 articles of content, the more the better (try to cover the same topic)
  • Blog age at least 1 month but Google suggests 6 months
  • The blog has a menu about (about), contact(contact), privacy policy, disclaimer
  • Blog navigation is clear

Next, create a new Gmail email (must be really new) to be used to register for Google AdSense on the official website (not via Blogger), God willing one day will be received immediately.

In short like that, but if you study it again, it’s a bit complicated 🙂

I want to learn blogging again, do you have any suggestions?

From my experience so far, apart from what I have explained a little bit above, my advice is to diligently read the headlines and information flow! Use Google Trends and other social media.

It also needs to be planted for those who want to blog, this NOT AN INSTANT JOB. It takes time to appear productive. So better work at real life while blogging for a part-time first.

Later, if you’ve really produced a new one, it’s up to you whether you want to focus on the blog or not. Why is that? let’s not be disappointed in the end.

Oh yes, it’s also important to have separate Indonesian and English blogs (don’t be one) targeting foreign countries because the CPC (Cost Per Click) Indonesia is really small, it’s stingy to click on ads again hadeh! The rest can be learned for free via the internet anyway.


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