Dark Moon Special Event, a Free Event Waiting for Dota 2 players

After so long the Dota 2 players have been waiting for the “free” event from Valve, finally now the opportunity has come.
The Dark Moon special event is an event in Dota 2 where we are required to protect the Seleme temple from the dark horde troops, if we succeed in protecting the temple we will get special points that can be exchanged for daily prizes, and also a special gift, namely the immortal dark moon baby Roshan .
For thousands of years, the warriors of the Nightsilver Woods have stood on guard against the plots of the abominable army, of the evil army of Dark Moon, And now, As the night of the new moon falls, Selene’s chosen one, helpless behind her shrine,
With Selene weakened, the Moon Goddess invites five new protectors to stand up and fight the evil of the Dark Moon Horde. You guys will become one of the protectors of the holy goddess?

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