Final Fantasy XV Shows Latest Information and Details From Summons, Character Skills, and Guest Characters

Square Enix little by little shares the latest information and screenshots about the game that will soon be released Final Fantasy XV, this latest information and screenshots contain the summon Leviathan, the skills of the 4 main characters, and also the guest characters who will help Noctis and friends. on his way. The 4 main characters have different skills depending on their respective hobbies, and each skill will level up based on several actions that occur

Noctis: “Fishing”

Catching lots of fish will not only improve your fishing skills, but will also make the price of fishing equipment cheap.

the store provides a variety of fishing equipment
the yellow mark indicates the location of the fish

Prompto: “Photography”

Prompto saves the various photos he made while traveling with his friends, his skill level will increase the more he takes photos, when his photo level increases he can take selfies and add effects to the photos he makes

selfie with “loved” friends
effects in photos

Ignis: “Cooking”

While camping on your travels, you’ll enjoy dishes made by Ignis, as you get ingredients from the monsters you kill, or new recipes from hotels or excursions in the cities you visit., Ignis’ cooking level will increase.

When getting new materials from monsters killed
when you eat the food you like the battle ability will increase

Glodioulus: “Survival”

Glodiolus’s skill is Survival, at the end of the fight with monsters he can find various kinds of items that will be useful later, survival skills increase along with the journey we take later, with increasing survival levels, important items will be easier to get.

obtain items after defeating monsters
As survival skills increase, many items will be obtained

On the way later noctis will get a friend who will temporarily help and you can issue commands to help you through the links attack.

*Cast Leonis

Cor Leonis will help Noctis and friends use his sword and powers.

*Iris Amicitia

When Noctis manages to avoid enemy attacks, Iris will help Ncotis with her Moogle weapon.


Leviathan came out from under the water and was ready to attack anyone
Noctis comes face to face with Leviathan
Leviathan preys on enemies by chewing them

Final Fantasy XV will be out for Playstation 4 and Xbox One on November 29, 2023

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