Rex Regum Qeon Imports Pro players From Malaysia

The world of Indonesian E-sports is in turmoil, for the first time in the history of Indonesian E-sports importing pro players from abroad, yes the team that imported these players was RRQ (Rex Regum Qeon) which imported pro players from Malaysia to be precise the player with the nickname ADTR who comes from the fnatic malaysia team.

ADTR: google source

Ahmad “ADTR” Syazwan himself is better known as the coach of the invasion E-sports team, and also a pro player on the fnatic malaysia team with the carry role. According to the news that blows ADTR will replace the position

Varizh RRQ Source google

while from Rizki “Varizh” Varizh who he said was experiencing a decline in health. RRQ itself will see in the next 2 months how Varizh’s own health condition will improve or not, if so then Varizh will rejoin RRQ, and ADTR will step down from his position.

We certainly hope that within 2 months Varizh’s condition will improve, and also that the RRQ team can gain useful knowledge from the arrival of pro dota 2 players from other ADTR countries.

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