Team Secret Succeeded to be the Champion at the Asus Rog Master Event

After going through several lengthy matches at the Asus ROG Master event, Team Secret managed to emerge victorious after fighting Extraction in the final stage, and managed to bring home a trophy and money worth 955 million rupiahs while Extraction took home a trophy and money of 452 million rupiahs.

The game using the BO5 format was dominated by Team Secret, where they won 3 matches in a row without reply from the extraction team.

Game 1

source gousugamer

In the first game, team secret played a bit cautiously by banning Meepo from being taken by “Abed” Extraction, while puppey took the enchantress as his hero.
The Extraction team carried out the Naga siren strategy as their late carry, but that strategy failed because at the beginning of the game the secret team had succeeded in dominating the game. Gabbi who played as Batrider had to be killed repeatedly with a good gank rotation from “puppey”.
With a score of 14-0 for Secret they continued to play very aggressively so the Extraction team couldn’t do a good farm and had an impact on their items being late.
At 31 minutes the first barracks for the Extraction team were successfully destroyed followed by Mega Creeps for the Secret team at 36 minutes. The game was closed with a very cool Rampage from a spirit bucket.

Game 2

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The second game is almost the same as the first game, where again Meepo is banned so he doesn’t get picked on by abed, while the Extraction team picks Naga Siren again but not as a core but as a support. In the second game “Dj” Timbersaw is locked repeatedly times at the start of the game which had an impact on the slow progress of items for Timbersaw, and made the Secret team confident to continue pushing towers. In the 20s Extraction had the opportunity to comeback when io and sven were killed in the top lane, but the difference in networth was far enough to make it difficult for Extraction to push back, which finally in the 34th minute the extraction team shouted “GG”.

Game 3

source gousugamer

In the 3rd game Meepo was banned again from Team Secret, but the Extraction Team also responded by banning Bounty hunters. At the beginning of the game the extraction team did not want to repeat the same mistakes as in the 1st and 2nd games by carrying out an aggressive strategy by placing the nyx assassin , phantom assassin and shadow demon on 1 lane, and quite fruitful with the creation of first blood for extraction, but unfortunately the shadow demon must be killed too. didn’t want to linger any longer and headed straight for mid to end the match which ended at 28 minutes.

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