The Fall 2023 Battle Pass is now available in Dota 2

The fall battle pass is now available for Rp. 107,000. Dota players can take on challenging Quests and practice their skills. Winning bets to add Battle Pass Points, for every win, as well as earn Medals after you complete your mission, while upgrading the Battle Pass for prizes and treasure throughout the Battle Pass season. Battle cups will also accompany you again every week for another series of weekly tournaments. Participants will compete against each other in eight teams, a one-elimination playoff bracket every Saturday for a chance to win treasure, and other exclusive benefits. Valve has also added a “party builder” to help you find players to build into teams, and battle pass owners. can now earn Medals as they increase the value of the Cup battle pass . If your team performs well enough in the Battle Cup tournament then your team can get an invitation to play in the exclusive Champions Cup at the end of the season. Tier-8 Champions Cup winners will even be eligible to form teams with other Tier-8 winners to compete in the spring major regional qualifiers. This update also adds a new feature in the “learn” menu to learn items as well as mechanics how to play Dota 2 multiplayer. The next update will come in late autumn, which is December 12, 2023.

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