One Piece: Burning Blood Adds Rob Lucci, Caesar Clown, And Garp As DLC

Bandai Namco last month, opened voting for the selection of three new characters to be added to One Piece: Burning Blood via paid DLC. Currently, Bandai Namco has received the results of the voting. Here are three characters that have won the vote and will be added to the content as downloads in the coming months:

  1. Rob Lucci – Former power member of CP9 will be joining the fight. Take advantage of his Zoan Devil Fruit. Surely you would prefer Rob Lucci to be on your team than to be on the opposing team.
  2. Caesar Clown – A mad scientist who uses the fearsome power of the Logia Gases to destroy opposing enemies!
  3. Monkey D. Garp – Marine legend and grandfather of Luffy, he will bring extraordinary power in ONE PIECE Burning Blood.

One Piece Burning Blood is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PS Vita, and is being developed for PC via Steam

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