Adventures of Mana Now Available on Playstation Store Europe

Final Fantasy Adventure ( Seiken Densetsu : Final Fantasy Gaiden ) Adventures of Mana remake released for mobile platforms and PS Vita in Japan, the English version is only available for Ios and Android platforms after the PEGI rating came out today , the game was suddenly available on PlayStation Store Europe without announcement, while for North America there is still no news. The games are priced at £11.49 or $13.99 , and are only 508 megabytes in size. This is certainly a pleasant surprise, and hopefully will be released in North America soon. Adventures of Mana is an action RPG that tells the story of a young (male) hero and (female) hero, they try to stop the Dark Glaive from destroying the Tree. Where. Compared to the original , the remake offers updated graphics and controls , and a re – soundtrack of original composer Kenji Ito .

You can check the three official screenshots below.

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