Review Mighty No.9 (Pc Version)

Hello Vroh, this time I want to review the Mighty No.9 game which is the spiritual successor of the Megaman game series.
I reviewed this game on the PC platform


Mighty No.9 tells the story of a robot created by professor white, the number of robots is 9 and they are siblings, but suddenly they get a virus and make them uncontrollable and become evil, only the number 9 robot named “Beck” remains .In the hands of robot number 9, this is the future of humanity is determined.

The game uses side scrolling alias left and right mode, we are required to destroy enemies that block our path, and pass through obstacles such as roads filled with electricity, fire or ice.
Beck will have hit points and lives, if we are attacked by enemies the hit points will decrease, if the hit points run out then our lives will decrease. When we arrive at the end of the stage we are required to face the stage boss to go to the next stage.

In Mighty No.9 the basic feature is shooting, then there is a dash, and Acxel Boost, which is sucking up the opponent’s ability by using a dash. Besides that, Beck will also get a new Form as he goes along.

By doing an Acxel boost to your opponent, you will get new abilities such as
Acxel shoot (damage up)
Acxel Speed ​​(speed up)
Acxel armor (Defense up)
Acxel Recovery (health recovery)

When I play this game, I really feel nostalgic for the Megaman game, even though there are a lot of differences, but the feeling is still the same as playing the Megaman game, well, the name is also the same maker

Pros (+)
-Flexible movement from Beck, so it’s easy to control
-Stages that vary with different obstacles, make us have to think about the next step
-System Dash that makes us want to do it again and again.

-There is no Charge Shoot, at least until the middle of the new game we get weapons that can be charged
-Unlike the Megaman series which is required to repeat the stage to look for armor parts, almost everything here is linear, and the reason we repeat the stage is just to catch up on points

when you play this game, don’t ever imagine that this is a game for the successor to the Megaman series, because Mighty No.9 is a completely different game, or you will be hurt when playing this game later.

Score: 6.5

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