Gta Online Update Power Play

GTA Online provides the Power Play and Grotti X80 Proto updates which can be downloaded on PS4, Xbox One and PC, as announced by Rockstar Power Play introducing six power-ups that can temporarily improve the abilities of players and their allies.

  • Beasted: Turn into a beast and use special powers such as invisibility, super jump, and super strength.
  • Zoned: Slows down time for all players, giving snipers a tactical advantage over hit enemies.
  • Doped: Dulls your enemy’s senses with a trippy green mist; they will never see that side coming.
  • Raging: makes you and the whole team go berserk, damage increases while reducing the damage received.
  • Flipped: dizzy your opponent, flipping all enemy camera controls
  • Dark: gives time for surprise attacks.

You can access Power play Advesary mode in the Jobs menu. The update also introduces the new Grotti X80 Proto car – a “super fast” Supercar. The low-profile body, monster-like engine, keeps the machine tuned and ready to dominate – especially useful when carrying out delivery missions. Escaping is made easy with the Grotti X80.

Please see the trailer below

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